Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Love

K.J. has a girlfriend.

He informed me of this big change in his life Friday on the way home from school. Her name is Savannah, and she is a friend from his class.

I asked him for more details, being the Mother and all. She is really nice, and they love to play together. I said "K.J., what about waiting until your 16? I thought you weren't supposed to start dating until then?" He answered "Well, we play together during recess, and that is how we are dating."
He didn't want to tell his Dad -- he was a little embarrassed -- but he let the cat out of the bag this morning. While we were all snuggled like a bunch of bugs in a rug before getting up for the day, K.J. informed me he and Savannah are going to go out to dinner.
"You're going out to dinner?" I asked. I'm surprised. Things seem to be progressing rather quickly.
"Yes," he answered. "When we turn 16."
I'm not quite sure about all this. I'm not sure I'm ready. Let's all just hope that Savannah is as nice as she is reported to be!
When I was in the first grade, my boyfriend was Brian. I wrote him a magnum opus entitled "Brian and the Beanstalk." I think that right there let's you know the depth of our relationship.
The Double B liked a girl named Angie. One day as they were putting up their chairs at the end of class he accidentally called her "Sweetie." If you know the Double B, you know how very damaging this event was to his young psyche.
The End.


Elise said...

You crack me up, just so you know. And your son is cute. And I didn't even get my first fake boyfriend until sixth grade, which makes me feel like I missed out on something important in the first grade. :)

Ducksoup said...

funniest post ever. you had me laughing out loud. i am going to need to talk to ben about this one. cute little k.j. i have been having lots of flashbacks om my young loves since i read your post. we are coming to st george this weekend with ryan's family. hopefully i can see you. love yah rie.

Jen said...

Bahahahaha. Good luck with that little Romeo!