Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Girl Updates

Guess Who's Sitting Up?
We're a proud, supportive family.
In fact, Olivia has dubbed Katelyn "The Queen"
in light of this recent accomplishment.

She's kind of a big deal!

I am not exactly sure if this has to do with the Cosmos -- let us just say -- possibly. But all three of my children sat up at six months. Katelyn was cutting it close -- we dubbed her "Official Sit Up Day" as Tuesday, and she'll be seven months next Tuesday. But still. Six months it is! Is it a B Family trait, this six month sit up? Like they were all born in the 8 pound range -- is it their sibling destiny, a la "The Circle Of Our Love"? I do not know the answer to this cosmic question.
But I hope so.
'Cause that would be cool.

Olivia just asked me to come into the other room and open something for her. So I said, deeply true to form, "How 'bout you bring it in to me?" She laughed and said "Mom! You don't bring sinks in here! They need to stay in the bathroom!"

Good point. I went and "opened" the sink for her straight away.

I'm just useful like that.

Remember -- You are loved! You are worth it! You are... Captain Planet!


Ducksoup said...

yeah miss katee jill. so cute. i love seeing pictures. i had to look at them all again. your kids are cute. and i wish babies didn't grow up, if you know what i mean. little miss katee is going to be such a little blondie. have a good weekend. and hilarious story about the sink. so funny.

katie said...

She is getting so big! I love the big smile on her face! She is so proud of her self...and she should be:) She is darling!

Elise said...

Well done, tiniest B kid! Next stop, getting into your Mommy's stuff! :)

Tamari said...

May I say that you and the Double B make some BEAUTIFUL children! Congrats to Katelyn on her big milestone! :)