Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Double B Relives The Glory Days

The Double B is the ward mission leader. That means that we get to have the missionaries over to our house about twice as much as the average joe (which equals -- not very much but sometimes). We do like to brag about our missionaries, though. This is a cool calling for the Double B, who really really really loved being a missionary. It mostly means lots and lots of meetings and Mommy as the lone preparer of midgets on Sunday morning (I am so courageous). It also means that the Double B takes the missionaries to various surrounding communities roughly one thousand percent more then the average joe (about once a week). He loves it. We love it (except sometimes on Sunday mornings). Hurray for missionaries! Hurray for missionaries everywhere!
This is also fabulous for me because I have often had daydreams of being a mission mommy type of senior sister missionary. Where Elder Double B will regale the young fellows about his days in good ol' Pittsburgh, P.A. and I will bake them cookies and pat their hands and listen to their angst over Dear John letters ... stuff like that. I consider this my practice run. Since I am not yet elderly, I do not bake them cookies, pat their hands, or comfort their angst. But I do... like... I let them know they are welcome at my house any time. And I totally feed them sometimes. Amen.
Last night the Elders came and ate at our house -- not to brag a lot. Just a little bit. And either it was a Loaves and Fishes type of experience or it was disgusting. Because normally my own small family would not have had so much left over.
I prefer to think Loaves and Fishes.
The Double B assured me it was not disgusting, which is part of his role as presider of this family, I'm just gonna put that out there.
Loaves and Fishes then! Okay!
It was very nice to have them in our home, they are both brand new to the area and have a wonderful spirit about them. One is actually from Missouri. Which is like... is it legal? It's totally legal now! Also, he won't have to walk back to Missouri or anything. He'll already be there! One is from Australia, which was exciting for all of us, because we just can't be mature about things, quite honestly. K.J. and Olivia (and maybe Mommy, who can say) both thought of questions to ask.

K.J.: Have you ever seen any kangaroos?

Elder Bertram: Many.

K.J.: Where?

Elder Bertram: At a petting zoo and out in the wild.

Olivia (via whispering to Mommy): Do you know the yellow Wiggle? What's his name again? Greg. Do you know Greg Wiggle?

Elder Bertram: Do I know him personally?

Olivia: Yes.

Elder Bertram: No.

Which is disappointing, because of all the Wiggles, Greg is the only one Mommy doesn't want to gouge the eyes out of. And don't get me started on the new wiggle, Stupid Sam. (Dearest Greg Wiggle -- we miss you!) You will be very relieved that though our Australian elder has never met Greg, he is, of course, a Wiggles aficionado. He's even from a suburb of Sydney. Only 45 minutes away.
I don't know why you care about any of this, but I just find citizens of other countries so very interesting. You may have heard me brag about my sister from Brazil, Silvia. If not, well, let me just tell you -- I have a sister-in-law from Brazil and her name is Silvia. She's like... the coolest.
Beat that!
You can't. Probably.

On Tuesday for Young Women's we had a Valentine's Day party wherein we wrote little love notes to each other. It was fun, but way better when I got home from a meeting at about ten o'clock that night and read my Valentines. They were funny and touching and made me laugh. It's a happy thing in my life to work with these special young women. I try to hold it close to me and cherish every moment.
Livi is at her preschool V-Day party right now. She is giving out ring-pops and feels very special. Of course she wrote out one for herself, because dangit -- she deserves one, too!
I love Valentines Day. I used to think it had it's own merit as Singles Awareness Day, and I don't even love it just 'cause I've got a hottie to make out with. I just like to show love.
Once when I was a kid my parents got us books for Valentines. I got The Boxcar Children, which was thrilling, and I read it ten million times. Now I love finding Valentines for my own kids. Even the Double B is getting into it this year! He's already made suggestions for the kids. Which if you know the Double B, means that slowly and very surely, I am getting under his skin.

He'll be a tender old man yet.


Tina Williams said...

Dear Marie,

Thanks again for making my morning more delightful. Posts from you are at the top of the list and my list is quite important, at least in the book of me.

Kyler is also at this exact moment at his Valentine party. I sent ramen for him to hand out to his friends. (Who under the age of 8 doesn't love ramen?) He was excited about the fact until he asked one of the girls who was keeping her valentines a surprise if she had brought ramen. She answered no way in a voice that suggested that would have been the stupidest valentine ever.

I had to hurry and step in and voice my opinion that ramen would be cool. Hopefully he comes home happy.

With love,

Your cousin who is trying to repent for her lack of blogging over the last sixish months.

Elise said...

Here's a question only a Mormon would ask--

Did your husband ever meet my uncle while he was in Pittsburgh? His name was Paul Ramsell; he worked with the missionaries in Pittsburgh a lot before he passed away. If not, no biggie. We can still be friends.

I, too, am fascinated by people who are from other countries. You know who are really mysterious to me? Asians, specifically Japanese ones. I could sit and pick their brains all day.

Are you guys still sick over there? We are. One day, when we're not on death's door, and you're not on death's door, we must hang.

LeGrand Johnson said...

Elise, I was in Pittsburgh with Elder Ramsell before his death. He was a good man and he genuinely cared about all of us missionaries. I was very sad when I heard of his death.