Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From The Desk Top of Olivia

For Valentine's Day, Olivia got her very own "Frenchy." Frenchy is Fancy Nancy's dog, and oh-boy-do-we-love-Fancy-Nancy (or NancyNancy as she's known around these parts). Frenchy has already become an integral part of our lives. She's really a face licker, too. The only thing is, Olivia licks her back.
Last night Olivia gave the lesson for Family Home Evening, and it was exceedingly adorable. Her Sunbeams teacher is pretty rockin', and Olivia always brings home these adorable handouts. This Sunday she brought home a decorated paper envelope that looked like a present and it said "The Gift of the Holy Ghost." Inside the envelope was a tiny paper man that said "The Holy Ghost has a spirit body" and a heart that said "The Holy Ghost can dwell in our hearts." Very adorable. Then on the back it told of some other things the Spirit can do, like warn us, testify of Heavenly Father and Jesus, and comfort us when we're afraid or sad. So Olivia and I went in my room to practice, and then we looked up Moroni 10:5 (I'll let you look it up, just to give you the essence of mystery).
When we were all gathered together, she was very demure and lady-like as she presented her lesson. It was great.
Then Daddy decided to make milk shakes and the kids got to help (seriously, this is amazing that we accomplished all this. It's not like this is how awesome we usually are or anything. In fact, I think I might need to write this in to the Ensign, just for proof that it happened).
Olivia was the official button-pusher:
Checking to make sure it's all mixed:
(And yes, that is dinner spilled all over the counter. But, you know, whatever. It was still evening, people!)

This is Olivia this morning, entertaining her sister with a rousing game of "Ring Around The Rosie." She's pulling a tight corner there. But all was well! This has become their new favorite game. Olivia loves it. Katelyn loves it.
And finally "Now point at me and say: 'You look just like a Movie Star!'"
I know! Coolest kid ever! She's pretty much a fun house all by herself. We went to the bank this morning and she pops up from the backseat "Mom, did you know black bears sometimes eat ants?"
Well... wow. And here's your sucker, little girl. Well done.
Last night Zumba got canceled 'cause there weren't enough people there to make our pregnant instructor and her sidekick feel ambitious enough to do it. Which sort of made me feel like this: "But -- but -- aren't you supposed to do it? Isn't that like -- sorta -- part of the deal?" But that is A-Okay, because instead of Zumba, I went home and tried to murder myself.
The Double B and I have been contemplating P90X for quite some time. We've been waiting for the courage, plus I've been doing other stuff so didn't feel too badly about delaying my own personal torture.
But last night I really needed to exercise and none of my partners were available for a walk/fake run. So I put in the yoga DVD. It was 1 hour and 35 minutes long. I made it clear until the clock in the corner of the screen had clicked down to 50 minutes left, and then I collapsed into a quivering lump on the floor. I totally would have cried, but then the Double B walked in, so I sucked it up like the big girl that I am. Then I tried to keep going, 'cause my man was there and I wanted him to be impressed. So I stuck my right leg back up behind me in like the torture position of "Warrior 97" or something and grabbed my ankle with both hands -- staying parallel, blah-blah-bladdee-blah -- until my hip actually started screaming at me, and then I collapsed again. I wanted to go on. I really did. But I could not.
I stopped shaking about an hour and twenty minutes later. Which means it was amazing. And one day -- yes, one day -- I will do the entire hour and a half. Just not yesterday.
I am going to try another today, I think.
And I am afraid.
But I am also very thankful for a physical body that can inflict terrible pain on itself, because that is cool what these pods can do. Amen.
Happy to be the Mom of one cool chicken,


Ducksoup said...

awesome game of ring a round the rosies. funny olivia.
no fair for cancelling zumba, you should have taken over.
why to try p90x. you are the bomb

Tink said...

no wonder why you are getting skinny and we are not! Way to be my motivator...I'm back on board! Cute pictures. You're such a good Mom. I read your blog and think why can't I be that cool! I guess I better try a little harder! Love ya!

Dan,Lisa,Zeak,Jake,Kaci said...

We love Fancy Nancy at our house to. Such a cute post love reading your blog! It should inspire me to update mine but I will just keep reading yours.