Thursday, February 24, 2011

Small (and Big) Details

Yesterday was Day 3 of P90X.

I shall now break it down for you:

Day 1 - Torture.

Day 2 - Unmitigated Torture.

Day 3 - Systematic, Diabolical, Unbelievable Torture.

But I made it through the full workout for the first time. I. Am. A. CHAMPION!!! And you don't even have to tell me, because I already know. Honestly. I pat myself on my very sore back.

Parts of my body that hurt: My arms. My shoulders. My back. My sides. My stomach. My butt. My thighs (both sides). My calves. My foot. And as I tried to write in my personal journal last night, I discovered that even my pinkie hurts!!!

This is amazing. I salute you, P90X Crazy Insane Ballistic Man. I salute you and your glued hair. You have earned it.

Now on to something else!

Here is the reason that I need WD-40: The front passenger door on our beloved Durango squeaks. Squeaks badly. And this morning I thought "You know what? We really need some WD-40."

Olivia is going to Mexico in pre-school today. Beat that.

K.J. did NOT want to go to school today. He wanted to stay home and play some Nintendo! And he just could not understand why I couldn't support that plan. I'm mean.

Since yesterday while practicing spelling words our son had a complete emotional breakdown caused by too much school and not enough outside, he and I went on a "walk date." I had to convince him that this is what he needed to do to feel better. He wasn't sure. But I put him in charge of the course we would take, only reminding him that as far as we walked, that is how far we would have to go to get home. He took us up to the city park and into "town." We went to the bank to help ourselves to a sucker and a glass of water (and I didn't even feel bad, even though they looked at me weird. I have been a member of that bank for ten years now. So ha.), and then we walked down our main thoroughfare, testing out the new sidewalk and checking out the trees just planted (we're an Arbor City -- it's official!). Then we headed home. It was probably about two miles. As we got about a block from home, K.J. said "You know what, Mom? I really am feeling better." And... success. We then went and sat on the high bar at the playground, which was fun. But I learned an important truth: my bottom just can't take what it used to.

Katelyn rolled over yesterday! Voluntarily! Big squeaky cheese around these parts.

Finally, there is something I think I should share:

I had a most interesting experience yesterday, which I shall not share the details of because it's special and I can't treat it lightly. But it strengthened my testimony of a personal Father in Heaven. By that I mean a Father in Heaven that really does know the individual and what they need the most. Or in this case, He knows me and what I need. It was very powerful. And even though I knew this truth, I needed this experience. It's a long story of how it came about and the testing before hand, which I won't bore you with. But I will say this: I have experienced so many tender mercies. But this was a change deep inside of my soul. And for that, I am thankful.
One of my favorite stories from the New Testament is when Jesus and his disciples are on the boat about to go down in a storm and the Savior stands up and says "Peace; Be Still," and calms the storm. And that is what happened yesterday. He calmed the storm inside of me. It stopped. And there was calm.
And I am a different person because of it.
I guess why I share this -- which is so close to my heart that maybe I normally wouldn't -- is that I know that He offers that to everyone. I know He will stand at the helm of any ship and calm the elements. I knew that before. But now I feel it. I feel it at my very core. And if anyone else needs that, or if my experience can strengthen anyone else, I will share it.


Tamari said...

I had a wonderful experience yesterday too that strengthened MY testimony. It has carried over into today and I feel truly blessed to be a daughter of God and KNOW that I am a daughter of God! The church is true!! Amen, and I love you. :)

Simmons Family said...

Way to be with the P90X!! I salute you Marie. I need to find something I can do indoors after thsi baby comes, maybe I will try that.
Also, you are such an awesome mom!!

Elise said...

I need to be more like you, in SOoooo many ways.

I salute you on sharing your testimony.

I salute you on doing P90X.

I salute you for taking your son for a walk in your last entry.

You are awesome.


Elise said...

Is it "I salute you FOR..." or "I salute you ON..."? I'm malfunctioning today. Er, this week....