Friday, February 18, 2011

We Had Some Adventures

Portrait by Miss Olivia.
She calls it "K...J..."
Last week K.J. had to lose a tooth. It was crucial, people, because the other tooth was coming in behind it. I see braces in this boys future (I'm sort of like a seer or something). I am under the belief system that his teeth will be every bit as crooked as mine once were. But that is okay. I turned out just fine.
The first tooth Kaje lost was a cinch. He let Daddy pull out his second tooth no problem. Somewhere along the line, though, he developed a terror (a la Marie versus Splash Mountain). So tooth number five was a real week-long adventure. We tried everything. The last night was especially adventurous, when Daddy had to work his magic to calm down the hyperventilation by brushing the floss across K.J.'s face to tickle him while Mommy held his hands in support. It was a great idea. It just didn't work. But still, I think this picture is really cute:
There are all kinds of adventures in this household.
Last night I had one of my life dreams come true:
I got to eat Chinese food out of the cool take-out box. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to do this. And finally, my dream came into being. It was magical, to say the least. Mushroom Chicken, yum...
And my children are surprisingly good at chop sticks, which is interesting, because they are 7 and 4 and their parents sat next to them eating with forks, because we are both chop stick challenged. I think this means we are raising very cultured children. And we have everything to do with it.
Also, the Double B was on the radio last night! He called me as I was driving home from my musical theater class -- we were both like -- woah! You were on the radio! That's twice in the last two weeks, people. The first time he won a prize -- a free car wash (can I get a woot!woot!). This time; however, he just called in to his favorite sports radio show to say some wrestler from back east everyone is discussing should be given credit for standing up for his beliefs no matter what everyone else thinks. The announcer said something like "wow, that's a really good point, buddy!"
And all was right with the world.
We're like... famous.
Looking at that picture of books makes me all warm inside. I love books. I love books so very very very much. I love the weight in my hands, and I will stand by them forever even when they are obsolete and everyone just reads off the thing in their hands. That's okay. I won't care. These books are mine. Forever. And I need more. More! More books! Or to quote my children and one of their favorite books, "BOOKS!!!! BOOKS EVERYWHERE!!!"
I actually physically burned my tongue on a piece of Big Red gum yesterday. I guess I forgot how very powerful those babies are. They should probably come with a warning label. Hm... maybe I could sue!
That'd be good.
And finally, I would just like to say that I ran like... probably almost two blocks a few nights ago. I. Am. Amazing.
The End.


Ducksoup said...

i could read this post all day. i loved every single word you are so cute, it's just not even fair :). now i want some big red gum, but i'm a little nervous. i don't want to burn my tongue. and i want to hear the radio broadcast of ben. tell him to call his fc-in-law next time as well. love yah rie.

Elise said...

Your kids have Books! Books Everywhere! too? That book was really exciting when Macey learned that exclamation points should be read with gusto. (BOOKS! BOOOOKS!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!)

You guys won a car wash on the radio?! Lucky!

Paulette said...

Love the Olivia picture of KJ! And I'm proud to know someone famous! Way to go, Ben! Good luck with KJ's teeth. I'm glad that Liz got my perfect straight teeth.:) However, I think Kyler and Eli are cursed with Kevin's horribly crooked teeth. I'm not looking forward to that ortho bill. Better start saving now.:)

Miss you! I haven't seen you in way too long. Did you get the invite to my shower? I hope you can make it. Love you bunches!

Jen said...

I feel the same way about books. They are manna from heaven.