Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Congratulations, You Have Made It To March!

Things I need to rethink:

* Zumba and P90X on the same day.
* Going to sleep with wet hair.
* Visiting the home of my parents when there is a dish of those overwhelmingly delicious pastel chocolate Easter egg candies on the coffee table. Why, Mom? Why?
* Allowing my husbands wonderful parents to ever go 'Up North' again.
* Not checking the March calender before March 1st. When one does that, one encounters problems of an epic youth magnitude.
* Driving a vehicle that requires gasoline.
* My Oscar speech.

Speaking of the Oscars, I got my whole family to watch this year. Not that anyone really cared, but they watched. And for the record, I had only seen four of the movies up for any category, and two of those were animated. So... rock it. I totally knew who to cheer for. And who was that, you ask? Mr. Darcy. And he won. So all is right with the world. I don't care if it was for 'Pride and Prejudice' or not, really, because all this means is that he got to be on the screen a lot. And I am for that.

The Double B knows about this fascination, and he is fine with it. It doesn't have his full approval, like my Jazz boyfriends (go, Milsap, go), but he doesn't mind.

Basically, I think he is fully aware of the complete power he has over me.
And I am perfectly alright with that.

Things Olivia has said in the last few days that everyone in the world needs to hear:

* "But Mom! You know I like to pick my nose!"

* "Woah, that's a whole lotta doggy poop!" (referring to the newly aerated church lawn)

* "I see boogers."

As you can see, we are doing a really good job of raising our daughter to be a little lady.
And being a little lady is all I heard about as a child, from my Grandma, and with a frequent reminder from my Mom. I still feel like I need to be a little lady. Not just a lady. A little lady. This is when I need my Granny friend, so that she could help apply social pressure to my four-year-old. I guess now it's up to Olivia's Grandma. With a frequent reminder from me, of course. Let's keep that little lady tradition alive!

This week is a special week at the elementary school. A week wherein K.J. gets to wear his Dr. Seuss hat and afflict me every other second with requests to go to the book fair.
Dang you, book fair! Go back where you came from!
Or something.

I close with the most adorable story you have ever heard or will ever hear. Prepare yourself:

All last week K.J. would ask me every day after school if he could run to the office to get his best cousin "Add" a Dr. Seuss hat like his. And I just kept forgetting the money, because usually I'm happy if I'm there with every article of clothing I need. Then on Thursday he comes skipping by the car on his way to pick up said "Add" from her kindergarten teacher, and in his hand, he is swinging a beautiful multi-colored Dr. Seuss hat. When they got in, she was happily wearing the hat and he had a very happy, satisfied smile on his face. The conversation went something like this:

Add - Look, Aunt Marie! K.J. got me a hat!

K.J. - I got Addie a hat, Mom!

Mom - Wow -- that's really cool, guys. But where did you get the money, K.J.?

K.J. - From my Disneyland bank!

This is really a deep act of love and devotion because the Disneyland bank is full of tooth fairy and other carefully collected monies that he guards with his life.

And honestly, I thought it was very touching that he wanted his best cousin to have a Dr. Seuss hat that badly.
He is a great kid.


Ducksoup said...

i love that story. that kid is going places. makes me wish i could have been in his thoughtful head on thursday morning when he was taking the money to school. love it and want to see a pic of the hat.

and aeriously both exercises in one day. i feel LAZY. its okay though because i am.

Elise said...

P90X and zumba in the same day? Do you LIKE pain? Will you burn some calories for me? I just ate like nine cookies (which I spread heavily with frosting from a can) FOR LUNCH.

And have I ever recommended the book "Austenland" by Shannon Hale? Or have you already read it? Methinks that you would enjoy it. It's about a girl who is obsessed with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. :)

(I think that's the first and last time I'll ever use the word "methinks." Is that even a word? It's kinda obnoxious.)

Jen said...

Mmmmm, chocolate Easter eggs.

Happy Birthday this month, Dr. Suess. KJ is such a sweetie.