Thursday, March 17, 2011

For The Quote Book

"Mom! I got the second spell-stone! I got the second spell-stone! I am so happy! I am so happy I want to cry!!!" - K.J., voice cracking and actual tears threatening to overflow.
Conclusion: Spring. Break. Is. The. Best.
A time for rest. A time for goals. A time when dreams really do come true.

"WHAT THE???" - Olivia, several times a day, every day.
Conclusion: Olivia's parents need to clean up their lack of language refinement, because apparently it is wearing off.
Or: Olivia came up with this one all on her own.
Or: Someone else is responsible.
Which honestly, is probably my favorite option.
It's just so adorable when she says it, too. You wouldn't even believe it.

"Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" - Katelyn at the Golden Arches today.
Conclusion: Stranger Danger has set in loud and crass. Also; loud noises (like a play land filled with anarchy) are not places of peace and mediation, which appears to be the main choice for my young Yoda.

Life is Good.

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Elise said...

My Olivia says "what the--" all of the time, too! I just noticed it today and thought, "I need to stop saying that all of the time...." :)

Don't you love spring break? I am in heaven.