Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Can Read Their Thoughts

My name is Katelyn.
I have received my first tooth!
It was a difficult labor.
I wish I could have had an epidural,
but all my lame parents offered me was
Tylenol and Orajel of the baby variety.
It's been a rough few days.
I have not been myself.
My tongue never stops roaming my lower gums.
Like a lizard, actually. Flick, flick.
And I have cried, I'll admit it.
There was nothing else to be done.
I'm not ashamed.
And now... we're here.
I still cried this morning.
That's when my Mom went exploring and discovered
Everyone was thrilled!
Everyone but me.
My gums still hurt.
And that's all I have to say about that.

My name is Olivia.
This morning I got my Mom out of bed
with this kind offer:
"You look like you could use a hand!"
The thing is, I'm just full of cool stuff like that.
Even I am impressed.
Which -- I don't want to brag -- makes me like
A MOVIE STAR or something!
Guess what.
I really wanted "flawfuls" this morning,
but my Mom wouldn't make them for me.
Is that rude or what?
Sometimes all I want in life is "flawfuls,"
and I only get them when my Dad is around.
I should probably keep my Dad around more often.
My Dad is cool.
He really, really is.
My Grandpa is pretty good, too,
because he makes me pancakes.
The End.

My name is K.J.
When I have fun I get really sweaty,
and I'm probably going to be mad at my Mom
when I grow up (next week by my estimations)
for putting up this picture of me.
My Mom thinks I'm cute like this,
which I can explain:
She's my Mom.
She's sort of funny,
but she's still my favorite person in the whole universe.
She keeps telling me to remember that when
I'm ready to get married,
and to kindly find a wife that thinks she is rad.
But I think I'll probably just marry my best friend Kaylee,
so we're good.
Today I tried to convince my Mom I was too sick for school.
And I am.
I am sick. And tired. Of school.
But it didn't work.
Sometimes life is rough.
But usually, it's just fun.


Ducksoup said...

love this marie. you are awesome, awesome, awesome. no wonder your kids are so cool. and poor katee, a tooth already. no good. and no good for the mama cause when the baby doesn't sleep neither does the mama. cute, cute picture of livi. i love the glasses. they are just so livi to me. love yah rie. and guess what, it's your birthday this month. i am so excited!

Tamari said...

Aw, I LOVE this post. Your kids are truly amazing! That picture of Katee is priceless!! I want to laugh but she looks so miserable, I just can't!