Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just The Facts

Today I:

Walked about two miles in a very irate frame of mind. I mean, I was steaming! Hopping mad! I walked, muttered to myself, felt all the injustice in the world, and then found a nice stick to run along fences as they passed by.
Then I sauntered back.

Last night We:

Had New Beginnings with the Young Women. It was marvelous. Their testimonies are so beautiful, they are so beautiful, and the world is so beautiful when they are around. This time the girls really did the whole thing! They each took part in introducing Personal Progress, the Young Women Theme and each of the eight values, and then the Beehives introduced our 11 year old girls that will be coming in this year. They are amazing, and I love them so much.
Then we rapped. Because that is what we do at New Beginnings.
It may have been our best one yet.

A little while ago I:

Shoveled rocks. And one does not need P90X when one shovels rocks, because that is hard work! I glistened, since ladies don't sweat. And I felt good about my earnestness!

Tonight K.J. will:

Take part in the yearly dance festival. This year they are doing the crazy chicken dance! Can't wait for that! He is especially excited this year that Daddy will be there. I love K.J. He is a unique, wonderful little critter. Afterwards we might visit the D.Q. or something, because the Dance Festival is not something that should go unrewarded, my brother!

When I was a kid:

We didn't have a dance festival, we had a spring festival. It was a veritable feast of both song and dance, including "My Achy-Breaky Heart" and my personal favorite: the year the third grade sang "Red, Red, Red! Somebody said -- Red is Dynamite!" I miss the spring festival. I think I might put one on myself in my front room. I'll invite my kids. And maybe my parents. But not the Double B. He has no appreciation for true art.

Last night Katelyn slept:

Until 6 in the a.m.
It was pretty much amazing.

I have this ambition:

That I shall have a garden. And the garden shall work. And I shall bottle my own green beans out of my own garden, even though there is nothing I hate more then fresh, garden grown green beans. I hate them even more then garden peas. Which I will also grow in my garden. And I will eat them, and I will be happy about it.

I'm thinking that:

I need a hammock, a good book, a banana/strawberry smoothie, a Texas Roadhouse steak and ribs combo, someone to do everything for me, a muscle-bound island man to wave a leaf over me while I chat with the Double B, and a strong set of chains to tie that same Double B to chair with a CIA agent threatening water torture so that he is forced to listen. I love him. And some days his ears appear to be merely decorative. I quote 'The Wedding Singer': "Well I have the microphone, so you will listen to every darn word I have to say!!!"

Well. I loosely quote 'The Wedding Singer.'

I exhort you:

To have a nice day. I believe I shall, too. Now Go and Do!


Elise said...

I LOVE your needs list, especially the "someone to do everything for me." You are so awesome.

Your description of yourself walking two miles in an irate frame of mind reminds me of people I saw on the streets on my mission: angry, muttering, sometimes waving sticks. Can I bring you some cookies? :)

Ducksoup said...

rie, rie, rie, you are truly the awesomest. and i loved everything about your post today.

especially i loved the part about ben's ears being merely decorative. hilarious!

new beginnings sounded awesome. can you believe taylei is in y.w. like if you lived in mona you would be her y.w. pres. that would be really awesome.

about your garden, i want to try green beans this year myself. they are braden's absolute favorite. but maybe you should try something you potatoes or carrots cause gardens are lots of work and you might as well produce what you like. i don't know, maybe you'll learn to love green beans and peas.

you totally rock. i know usually you say, "thanks for being born" when it's somebody's b-day.

today though, i say thanks for being born! you rock! love yah.

Jen said...

I really like this post, especially the microphone quote.