Friday, March 11, 2011

New Tradition, Anyone?

Today is a day in which random information must be shared. Maybe we could make it a tradition? Random Information Friday, coming right up!

Have I ever told you about that boy I liked for roughly seven long, fruitless years during my adolescence? And the fact that I stared holes into his back every sacrament meeting for seven years? And how everyone in the entire universe knew that I was hopelessly devoted and it was a very pathetic cause? The following incident could, in fact, be the most embarrassing moment of my whole life:
One week I was staring gazer beams of twitterpation as usual. Unfortunately for the whole human family, his entire family stared right back at me while I stared at him until my dear Mother intervened, wedging her elbow in my side. I still remember her hissing "Marie! Marie! Look up!" It was truly one of the most horrible moments of my whole life. I still can't think of it without feeling overwhelming horror and shame. And if I ever see that human who was so nice to me in spite of the fact I was a scary stalker, I desperately search for a crevice in the sidewalk to crawl into. I should have written a formal apology or something.
Dear Nice Person,
I am so sorry you didn't get to enjoy church for all those years.
I feel stupid like you wouldn't believe about it now.
But thanks for being so nice to me.
You deserve a reward.
Filled with horror,
It is the only time in my whole life I have ever lost speaking ability. He'd talk to me, and I honestly couldn't respond. It was sort of like "Blah,blech,um,geez,uh... HELLO! Yes, I'm fine! How are blech,blum,eek you?" I was a stroke victim of my own mind.

Oh. The horror.
But still! It's a wonderful way to stay humble! I just think of that time and truly realize that just like King Benjamin said -- dust and I are just about equal, except dust has a slight upper hand.
We took the missionaries out to dinner last week because we were supposed to have them over for dinner but -- haha -- forgot until they showed up at our door. So we went to the delicious and illustrious JB's. It was really fun, they are a great set of elders and we feel blessed to get to have them in our home -- or in this case, JB's. However; when I got home I saw I had a GIGANTIC piece of pepper stuck in my teeth.
I honestly just laughed, 'cause what can you do? I'm older then they are, anyway; therefore -- cooler. But I felt for them, too. There have been many times in my life I'm talking to a delightful person with foodinteeth syndrome, and I just don't know how to tell them. So I don't say anything and let them go home to feel the horror of what they have done.
I'm changing my ways, though. I promise to try to gather the courage to tell you if you ever have food in your teeth when we are talking together.
I play Tetris in my head. I've had this problem since my early teen years, if I ever allow myself to play Tetris -- the most addicting game in the universe -- I inevitably then spend my hours constructing Tetris power plays in my head. Here's the crux: the Double B and children gave me Tetris for my DS. And it kept me up until 2:45 in the morning last night. 'Cause I was on a role, man! And as I got up to get Katelyn her bottle at 5, I was putting Tetris pieces in their slots in my mind.
I am very special, what can I say.
Yes, you read correctly. I said my DS. I also own a Game Cube. Jealous much? Is it because I have an overwhelming interest in Nintendo systems? No. But my husband does. And somehow I end up getting these items for my Christmas and Birthday gifts.
It really is true.
I'm hoping for an old school Super Nintendo for Bday 28. It's the only system we don't yet have, and THEN MY COLLECTION WOULD BE COMPLETE!!!

Katelyn has just one thing to say, and it is this:

Beans are good.

Have a happy weekend, dear friends. Spring break is descending upon us, and I fully intend to spend the entire week outdoors!

Hugs Not Drugs,


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