Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still Trying To Figure That Part Out

Pre-Dance Festival
Photo by Olivia
Yep, it was the Dance Festival! Yep, it was awesome! K.J. did great and it was very, very exciting. What a funny kid. We sat with the neighborhood, Grandma came, Katelyn fussed and so she and Daddy got to spend the whole time in the doorway with the smokers, I got a lecture about not taking my cellphone anywhere (I deserved it), and it was as hot as a boiling inferno.
All in all, a great night.
Here's our guy with the last pizazz! Notice those tight arms, the energy and light pouring from his little body! Yes, the other children are nice. But K.J. is MAGNIFICENT!!!
And I'm not even bragging. It. Is. Obvious.
This is Olivia in her solemn, nervous, too-cool-for-school mood. I think I deserve a major award for this picture, I just can't think of any picture I've ever taken I love more.
This. Is. Her.
And yes, that is Leighna, happy cousin that she is, dancing with wild abandon in the background. She kept encouraging Livi to dance with her, but we were just too intimidated by those older boys behind us and the loud noise to partake.
So instead, we got this shot.
And I'm darn happy about it.
I know. I know, you are totally amazed at my photographic prowess. I am, too.

Actually, this stare is a stare that the Double B has become very familiar with the last few days. It's been stuck on her face and my face. We're already a hormonal nightmare at my house. How will we survive the teenage years?!?
I need to be nicer to myself. Which means you should probably be nicer to yourself, too. I need to be more patient with the journey, and understand that growth is a process and not a destination. You might need that helpful kernel of advice as well. Heaven knows I do! Honestly, I need to just chill out, relax, have a positive outlook, and be patient with myself.
This morning I didn't feel like figuring out breakfast, so instead I went and bought junk and fed it to myself and my children. And then I felt even worse, of course! So I gave what remained of that delicious junk food to my crying nephew, because personally, I know all about eating away your frustration. Maybe I should reevaluate my approach as a beloved Auntie. But really, I just don't think carrots would have had the same soothing effect.

I'm just so special, what can I say.

I need to remember to accept who I am, good and bad, and it would also be helpful to remember that accepting who I am allows lots of room for improvement. And that's a very good thing.
Well, this has been a very refreshing chat. Thank you. And let's all remember that most special of all daily affirmations: "Hello, dear. You're a nice person and that's what counts!"

Thank you and Goodnight!


Elise said...

I wish junk food made us feel better instead of worse, it would make my comfort eating SO much more productive.

I am in love with your daughter's freckles. Why is it that I adore freckles on other people but I can't stand the ones on my own personal face? This is a conundrum.

And finally, last night I had another dream that we were real life friends. You cut all of your hair off. It was shocking and your husband DID NOT approve. Just giving you a heads up in case you were considering a haircut.

Kamille said...

Love. Your. Wit. And there you have it.

Cory Reese said...

A boiling inferno is SO accurate. On I said it would make the Sahara Desert feel like a meat locker. Honestly - that place is a furnace.

Tink said...

Port loved the junk food. I think it saved his day. So there you go Aunt Mwe you just might have won him over!

KJ was Adorable at the dance festival! and Livi just cracks me up!

We need to plan a dinner in the next few days!