Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yesterday and Tomorrow

We went to work on our garden the other day. We seriously love our garden. It is so much fun (thus far) and we love spending time together and with the Bishop's dog, who is now Olivia's BFF. Her name is Belle and it's the best thing to happen to Livi maybe ever. The dog loves her, and Liv loves the dog. The dog licks her cheek and nudges into her and plays catch with her. And they are both happy. Cute, huh. Here's my little spring chickens "working" in the section of the garden not yet planted. You can't see it, but Liv is wearing her baby on her back and red Snow White slippers with her hot-pink socks and capri's. Oh, to wear whatever you want. I miss those days of color and splendor.
K.J. got really adventurous and climbed the pecan tree! It was pretty much a big deal. Then he assigned Liv to get a bag and collect all the pecans he knocked down to her. She is a very faithful and obedient sister, what can we say.
Here's some of our tomato plants and our onions and peas. May they be fruitful and multiply is my only wish. I'll keep you posted, because I know the livelihood of the sibling garden is crucial to your very happiness. And you are just too important to me to risk your happiness by not reporting.
I am just awesome like that.

Olivia was wearing her coat out and about today, and while driving I asked her if she was toasty. Her reply was instant. She proclaimed loud, brash, and a little bit on the hostile side of what-you-talking-about-willis:

"Who do you call Toasty?!"

That kid -- that kid. She is one in a million. She makes me laugh every single day, and I didn't even know that kind of laughter was involved in Motherhood! What a huge side benefit.

I get to have surgery tomorrow. I don't really know if get to is exactly the right phrase, but then, modern technology is a blessing. So that's my stance. I wish I didn't have to and all that other stuff. But it's the best thing for my friend My Body, so we'll do it. It is same day, so that is good. And then I'm just basically supposed to lay there and do nothing for a full week! Nothing! No housework! No cooking! Off my feet! Lots of rest! See? There is a silver lining around every dark cloud.

I'm a little nervous, I'll admit, 'cause I'm all sissy like that.

I just can't wait for tomorrow when I can start to wake up and barf and be confused and in some pain and all the other wonderful things that mean "IT'S DONE! It's in the past! Now you can stop thinking about it and just get better! Hooray!" That's the moment I'm waiting for, with great anticipation.


Tara said...

same day must mean it's not too serious. I'm sure you will come out of it great. best of luck with the recovery.

Anonymous said...

Awesome garden! you should see it now! Hope you feel better soon!

Tink said...

Wow! I didn't know my name changed to Dane. I certainly don't feel like a Dane. And I hope I don't look like a Dane! It was really just me.

Simmons Family said...

I hope all goes well with the surgery!!
Hope your garden is fruitful:)