Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hard Learned

I learned a few things while laying in bed for several days:

1. Painkillers are our friends.
2. Mothers who have endured C-Sections are a whole 'nother level of wonderful. C-Section survivors, I salute you.
3. I may or may not be a total sissy.
4. Jim and Pam are the love affair of the century. And yes, it is possible to watch 'The Office' seasons 2-5 in succession. I wonder how many times I have watched 'The Office.' Many. Many, many times. Not everyone loves 'The Office,' but I do. I have a deep and abiding love for Andy. Anyone know that moment in season 3 where he punches a hole in the wall and says "That -- was --- an overreaction."? That is probably my favorite. Because there have been maybe nine million times in my life where that line would be applicable to yours truly.
5. My husband and I, while married for almost nine years now, speak different languages. I speak English. I am not entirely sure what he speaks. French? Bulgarian? Russian? Norwegian? Cantonese? I am still investigating this, so that I may hire an interpreter.
6. I found the most hilarious quote by Brigham Young. What a dude. I'm been skimming this book about him (I like to skim before I read, a weirdness of mine) and I've been laughing heartily. This is what he had to say about worrying about things you can't change: "Do not fret thy gizzard." Also, "From this time henceforth, do not fret thy gizzard." One more, "Remember the 13th commandment: Fret not thy gizzard because of sinners." He he he. I think that will become my new mantra, and I'm not joking about that. I think that in the arsenal of humanity, Brigham Young ranks right up there with "Most Interesting People Maybe Ever."

Today is my first venture out. I feel very adventurous, though maybe about 65%. I got to spend a whole lot of time being fairly miserable, but the worst is way behind me. Plus, most of the while I could very clearly realize "It could be a whole lot worse!" Which is, I think, an indication that things were under control. I've got some awesome incisions that make my three-babies-later tummy look amazing. So amazing that I am definitely going to look into a bikini to wear this summer! That is really the thing that hurts by far the worst now, are the bigger cuts. Or where I was "shanked," to quote my good brother Matt (as opposed to my evil brothers, Jon and Nick, I guess). My sister T-Bomb is a C-Section survivor. She has had it way worse three whole times, but she's given me lots of sympathy. Yet another reason to keep her around!
I was so blessed -- the surgery went really well, even better then we could have hoped -- and the first few days are mostly a blur, anyway, barfing included. People are so nice. Isn't that wonderful? I do get an occasional chuckle when a memory will pop up of things I said while going under and waking up. He he. At least I was pleasant!
For the record, I dreamed I was with the Young Women, taking a tour of the "facility." The nurse told me about it later: "And you were there, and you were there, and you!"
How delightful.


THE HILLS said...

So sorry I bugged you yesterday, I had NO idea you were in bed! You acted so cheery and normal! Go Marie!!

Cory Reese said...

Regarding #3, I would vote "May Not".