Monday, May 2, 2011


Because my life is not ruled by some horrible creepy guy, we'll focus on the hilarious first. Because if my children are anything, they are funny. They are wonderful. They remind me every day of how much good there is in this world -- and that is a whole, whole lot of good.

Three conversations you need to know about:

My two girls and I ran into Kohl's on Friday in between other more important errands to continue the long pursuit of a suitable new dress. While there, I found a shirt that just might work, so I tried it on. Olivia and I had the following discussion:

Mom - Well, Livi, what do you think?

Liv - Hmmm. You look like a girl.

Mom - I am a girl.

Liv - Yeah, but you look like a girl who speaks Spanish.

Mom - Hm. But that could be a good thing, right? A little bit different then usual?

Liv - Okay. I just don't want people to start speaking Spanish at you!

And... scene. She had the whole dressing room cracking up by the end. You could actually hear people giggling in the other stalls at the things she would come up with. She is a character, that is for sure.

Later Friday night we were listening to Garth while the Double B played the Wii and the two of us chatted. Then the Double B, who is getting more romantic the older he gets, decided we needed to have a little dance right there in the living room. So we rocked back and forth, stepping on each others toes a little bit as Garth serenaded us, because that is just how we roll. Afterwards it was time to get in the car for Pizza-Or-Something-Else-Night, so I was buckling Katee in as K.J. was climbing into his seat. This is our interchange:

K.J. - Mom, remember when you and Daddy were dancing and I almost cried?

Mom - Why did you almost cry?

K.J. - (tearing up) Because it looked so cuuuuuute.

And ... scene. He has a very tender little heart. I was happy to bring him that small bit of happiness, I assure you.

Saturday K.J. and Livi were doing what they do best: playing pretend while mixing their worlds of interest. K.J. had a dinosaur and Olivia had a small Belle figurine. This is what I heard:

Liv - Hi, Fox! (pause) Say Hi, Belle!

K.J. - Hi, Belle.

Liv - Fox, did you know the Beast trapped my Dad?

And... scene. I had to sneak away so I could have a happy little laugh.

And finally, a little bit about the demise of horrible creepy deeply disturbed public enemy #1 for the history books:
Last night was a big, big night for us. I say "us" and I mean "us." We'd just gotten home from visiting the grandparents when my Mom called to let us know that "we" finally got him -- that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. The Double B answered the phone, and listening to their conversation was almost surreal. I couldn't believe it was true, but when my husband told me that yes, he was dead, I sat there stunned for a minute and was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of relief and gratitude.

These are strange reactions to another humans death, and frankly, some of the video of people celebrating is a little strange to me. But then, this man brought unspeakable pain to every American, even a college girl at BYU who came in from her early morning Book of Mormon class -- where there was talk of some plane hitting a building -- to the basement of the college dorms to watch in terrible disbelief and horror as thousands of people were murdered.

So almost ten years later, yes, I'm thankful. And I drove right over to watch the President of our country make his announcement live on TV. Because it's just that important.
Mostly, today, I feel so thankful for the brave men and women in our military. I don't think anyone can doubt that those special forces who went in to get the job done are something pretty special. I'm especially thankful today for all who serve. And I feel so proud, so happy, so thankful to belong to this great land that we pledge our allegiance to; that I pledge my allegiance to.

I am happy that my children slept peacefully in their beds while their Dad and I sat looking at each other, pondering all that this meant in our lives and in theirs.
And I am happy that I get to feel good that the world they live in is maybe a little less yucky, and I can go back to laughing at the unique things they say in dressing rooms, while climbing into the car, and while playing pretend.
This is good.


Tara said...

co cute. I love the conversations of young children. Did you end up with the Spanish shirt or was it too risky!?

Ducksoup said...

you are the best poster in the world. i loved the president's speech. if only mitt romney could have been the one reading it. ryan and i both stayed up watching while our children slept too. so crazy!

your children are so cute. i wish i could have been with you at every single one of those conversations.

katie said...

I love that you post things that your kids say! I need to do that more!

Tamari said...

Your kids crack me up! I'd like to think that your children and my children are cut from the same cloth and would be bff's if we all lived closer. I guess I don't just think that, I KNOW that!! I love your blog and reading it brings me much happiness. :)

I wanted to tell you that I started a new blog that just deals with house stuff. Us renovating, moving, finding a new house, etc. Check it out if you get a sec. Love you!!!

Paulette said...

You're children are very adorable, I must say, and very clever!