Friday, May 27, 2011

Theme Music, Please

Business first:
Are you, or is anyone you know, in need of diabetic blood testing supplies in the "freestyle lite" family? Because (I know how expensive they are and) I have a huge load from the gestational diabetes days, and I would like to help someone else and save them a large amount of money. That would mean I wouldn't have to do another good deed for the whole day! I could just go around selfishly using the planet's air supply!
Seriously, though. I hope someone can use them. They should be used. There are several completely unopened packages of both testing strips and the diabolical testing needle that HURTS like a mother. So... if you could use them or know someone who could leave a comment and we'll work it all out.
Business done.
I just have to share this picture of Olivia's preschool graduation with Miss Shawna. Oh, Man! So sweet. Like spun sugar. Dying here. So. Sweet.
I knew you'd feel the same way about it.

And wait! Here is Katee Jill at Olivia's graduation! I finally got a smile after several "What are you doing, woman?" looks, and it was so very satisfying. Okay, go ahead and say it. She is so cute. And look at that silly hair! Finally getting heavy enough to flop over in front, a la Fonzy.

Tonight is Pizza-Or-Something-Else night at our house, and I believe we are going to have the cheese-with-extra-cheese-and-white-sauce at Papa Murphy's. Sometimes we all live for Friday night, and I'm not going to lie about that. (Why would I lie? I ask you.)

Look, this is what I saw from my kitchen as I was loading the dishwasher last night: Daddy and K.J. playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- you can see K.J. spazzing out -- and Livia giving her leg rest a big smack on the cheek while wearing a crown and the Belle nightgown that never really comes off.

And I would also like you to know that not one single item messing up that room is mine. Not one single item. Amen.
I sat on the porch all day long yesterday while my offspring played. It was glorious.

And in conclusion, Liv wanted to take a picture of my "silly face" last night. And this is what we got. And I kinda like it.

This has been a tour through Marieland. And goodnight.


Tink said...


Elise said...

I want to sit on the floor and play Mario Kart. I never played ninja turtles, so I'd probably get my butt kicked. And I don't like to lose. That picture just looks like good times.

Dude. I ate stuffed French toast on my way out of town and thought of you. We will be back in Utah when school starts, so we'll have to get together then. Stuffed French toast, man. Let's make it happen. I still have the post it with your phone number floating around the abyss that is my purse. I will call you.

katie said...

cute post! Nothing laying around my house is from me either :)

Paulette said...

Thank you for the tour! Your kids are so adorable, and so is your chin!:)

Ducksoup said...

love it rie. and i want a maid, just sayin'. and livi is cute. so cute. that pic is so precious. and i want to sit on my porch in HOT weather - - please get me a bedroom ready. love yah