Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Week Of School

Last night two of my girls, Emily and Jazmin, graduated from seminary.
I feel very sentimental about it.
Quite frankly, I always feel sentimental when this time of year rolls around for this very reason, but this year it just seems especially strong, like I'm sending my own chickens out there to face the world. They will do fine, though, of this I am sure. I am proud of them and the girls they are.

Since it is the end of the school year, that means K.J. McGillicutty is also done with the first grade. Which sounds fine, except that means he'll be in the second grade. And I am not so much okay with that. My child keeps getting older. I don't completely understand it. Could someone explain it to me? Except I'm not exactly sure I'd like the explanation, so you'd better not.
I just remember the second grade so well. My teacher was Mrs. Woodland and she was nice and she made me think that she thought I was clever. So, success. That year all my friends were having nieces and nephews, which just seemed too horrible for words, because I wouldn't get to be an aunt until I was an adult! I also remember sitting there and wondering how I could ever survive the maximum of nine years until I got married (because why wait until you were older then 18? That just didn't make sense to me). I once brought a bouncy ball to school and it rolled under the piano and was lost forever. I still understood math that year. This kid named Justin constantly accused me of wearing blush and wouldn't believe it was a birthmark (which even at the time I thought that was stupid, because who would wear blush on only one cheek?). And I worked the whole year at making my 5's look like 5's and not S's.
And now my son has reached my area of strong memory. This makes me feel sentimental as well.

I am a ball of sentimentality today. I'll try not to smear it on you.

Today our family has a plan. That plan is to go fishing for Family Night. And it is all the Double B's plan, as well! In our little car the only radio station you can get is a country station, so I keep hearing this song about a dad taking his daughter fishing. And I have thought to myself "My husband really needs to take our kids fishing." Then he proposed this idea! I was very surprised. I asked him if he had heard that song as well, but he didn't answer. Which makes me think, yes, he definitely has. We are going fishing for Family Home Evening thanks to a country song. So, mission accomplished, song writer! Job well done. My kids are so excited.
The last few weeks have been way too busy for comfort, I am not really so good at busy like this and am excited to have things slow back down. The whole time I've thought the Double B was annoyed at me for some reason, but I finally figured it out. This is after he told me about fifty times yesterday he hasn't seen me in years, he's only seen the kids, etc. I told him that since they came out of my womb it's pretty much like seeing me, but he didn't agree. He even wanted to sit by me in Sacrament Meeting! Shocking.
Here's a charming little thing about my husband: usually, being a very unsentimental person, I don't think he needs me so very much. But then he doesn't get all my attention for a few days and he is just not happy. So, see? He needs me desperately! It's really kind of pathetic, and also cute in it's own special way.
In fact, yesterday afternoon I was so sleepy and laid down for a second thinking I could sneak in a nap between meetings. The Double B said "You're going to take a nap? That's so boring, though, don't take a nap!" So I sat up. A few minutes later he came and laid his head in my lap and promptly fell asleep.
Yep. It's true.

I have a confession to make. I keep thinking I do better in this area, but it's more like two steps forward, one and a half steps back. And it's all because I open my big trap. Here it is:
I've always been very opinionated.
This can be a benefit, there is no doubt about that. But it can also be an affliction.
I just finished a two week Personal Progress project (Individual Worth #3) about building up others, and I rather enjoyed how it helped me keep a muzzle on myself. I think I'm starting that project over, man. Just so I can remember I am a tiny babe who has very little experience and the kinder I am the happier I am.

And finally, because I know you're all desperately following Katelyn-Gate, she has started shoving herself forward. As of yesterday, she is not just the world's speediest roller(!), she is also a scoot forward machine. That's right, folks. That's right. Her little personality is getting to be a BIG personality, she is a girl who knows what she wants, is very charming, very curious, and seems to keep getting herself into "situations," if you know what I mean.

Being a Mom is cool.
The End-ditty-end-end.

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