Wednesday, May 25, 2011

S For Summer

I have many thoughts, but none in solid form. More like . . . scrambled eggs. Sort of runny scrambled eggs, actually. Sometimes I think in words, but that is actually more when I am worked up about something. Otherwise, I am not exactly sure how the thought process works for me, but I do believe that it is in images and impressions -- sorta like feelings? Maybe. Hm. I have honestly tried to put my finger on it, but I just can't seem to. Not that I need to. But still, I would be interested. So it's more like rolling with some words and phrases popping up now and then.
Last night I got stuck thinking about what it means to avoid light-mindedness. I honestly was concerned about this, because even though technically I know what it means, I'm not sure if I know what it means for Marie. Or I am not sure how to explain it to myself in a way that makes sense and assures me that I avoid light-mindedness. I am not exactly sure I am avoiding it. In fact, sometimes I feel very sure that there is light-mindedness going on. Can someone intervene here? Someone who knows what they are talking about and speaks Marlingon?
Sometimes I am concerned for myself. Honestly. I am just not sure I am getting this right.
I think that today of all days I would like to extend myself some solid Hope.
"Here, Marie. This is a hope-nugget, and I think you will enjoy it."

Would you like to hear the quote that goes through my head like a mantra? It has been my favorite quote for quite some time now. It goes like this:
"Kneel down to pray, stand up to serve, and reach out to rescue."
Guess who said that.
Did you guess Thomas S. Monson (Or Thomas Essmonson, as he is known at our house)? If you did, you would be right. What a buoyant individual! I love him. I really do, and would not mind sharing a bag of marshmallows with him.
I always think marshmallows would be the perfect treat to share with kind, wonderful, witty, still people. I often am around people and think "I wish I had some marshmallows that I could share with you right now." Actually, that is more an impression I have, not an actual phrased thought. Just in case you were wondering.
Today is the last day of school around these parts. K.J. gets off at 12:00 for a rockin' good summer! I can't wait. We are going to do something fun today. I'm not sure what yet, but totally something awesome. He is such a ray of sunshine! He has decided he really wants to be a part of an art/music/P.E. program his school is putting on. And even though it's just for four weeks for a few hours, it still makes me a little sad because I feel so happy to have him home all day and will admit I want to guard that time jealously. But he is getting to that time in his life when he definitely knows what would be good and fun for him to do, and this is what he wants to do. He was so excited last night when Mom and Dad gave him the thumbs up!

Well, I came today with no idea what I was going to write, just knowing I needed to talk to my friends. Funny what came out! But I will leave it there, because it's the truth.
Three Cheers for Summer!


Elise said...

Congratulations on the beginning of summer! Oh, happy day!

Avoiding lightmindedness--that's a good topic to bring up. I fear that this is a weakness of mine, but I'm unsure, what with my lightmindedness and all. I think if I were to completely forsake lightmindedness I'd have to shut down my blog. And then how would I keep from going nuts? It's a conundrum.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. And that great President Monson quote. :) You're awesome.

Kyle & Alicia said...

You are an awesome person! I hope you know that. Thank you for being so great! Your kids are completely adorable! And your husband is one of the best friends my husband could ever have! Thank you all for being AMAZING!!!! Oh and Thomas S. Monson would be the perfect person to share a bag of marshmallows with. I totally agree.

Ducksoup said...

yay for summer. braden was gone two times a week for two hours a time and i'm so happy it's over. i could be in trouble sending him to kindergarten.

i wish for your something fun to celebrate you were going to come and see me. that would be awesome.

i loved that president monson quote. i haven't ever heard that before.

love yah rie. and like always, you are hilarious!