Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Numba Nine

Exactly nine years ago today I married the Double B in the St. George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It was a great day. The happiest, most ecstatic, most relieved, most carefree, most consequential day of my whole life, and I am forever grateful for the choices we both made that led us to that moment. I can't even tell you how happy I was to be there with him. It felt like I had waited approximately nine hundred million years for that day, and it seemed exactly perfect.

I love this crazy person. I mean, I LOVE him. Have you ever experienced yourself or read in books about how loving a certain person is almost inevitable, like there is almost no choice in the matter? That is me with my buddy. It was almost a force I couldn't (and can't) control. He is just the most important person in my whole life. His presence means the most, his friendship means the most, his reassurance means the most. I was absolutely insanely in love with him the day we got married. Now it is even funner -- textured and interesting and seasoned with three children and tests and trials, glad moments, funny moments, sad moments, scary moments. When the Double B tells me "It will be okay," I believe him. I just know it will be okay. We count on each other.

We offer a lot to each other. We're like a study in opposites.

We stretch to learn to love what is important to the other person. We stretch to allow the other person to be able to be their best self. We have very different personalities but because of that, we are both better and more well-rounded, and we laugh a LOT. We each have different spiritual gifts. Happily, we grow more alike as time goes by. Lucky Marie! I honestly think there is a real possibility that the Lord put this man in my path so that I'd have a fighting chance to get to heaven.

I read a book once where the author said that what two people need to make a marriage work is not communication, it is commitment. That both partners must be 100% committed to each other. And that is me and the Double B. I know that he is absolutely committed to me. He knows I am absolutely committed to him. For the duration. I think he is funny and quirky, and he thinks I am funny and spazzy.

To make a long story short.

I can credit the four happiest, best, most important days of my whole life back to him:

1. Our wedding day

2. The day K.J. was born

3. The day Olivia was born

4. The day Katelyn was born.


Thanks, Friend.

Could it be I am the luckiest girl in the whole world?

Oh, happy day!

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Paulette said...

Marie, that was so sweet! I can't help but think your post was for me again, even if it wasn't.:) Oh, true love! I think I have experienced it with this guy, and perhaps it is just not the time.....yet. Who knows, time will tell. He's still getting over the pains of his divorce. But my heart is still a flutter after all that has happened. I never had with Kevin, so I am still hoping and praying something will work out.:) Thanks for your post.