Friday, July 8, 2011

The Desire For A Bigger Brain

When I get smart, I'm going to just follow my children around with a notebook so I can write down every single strange and wonderful thing that comes out of their mouths. This morning Livi said in her most innocent, compelling fashion "Mom, I wish we could get a lemon smushy for breakfast."
Meaning, of course, the lemon slushy from Sonic that has changed the face of our very world. It was cute. For real.
Posting the findings of the "My Kids Are, Like, Genius Material" notebook would not nearly be as satisfying for all of you as it is for me, because they are ... my kids. But still. It should be done.
I'll get smart one day soon.

Last night my F.C. called me to let me know she had met the Double B's big brother Walt! This was very happenstance, because Walt the Great lives on the other end of the state, and we just don't see each other all that often. Walt is such a nice person, and he and the Double B have the exact same jaw line. She told me she asked "Do you read Marie's blog?!" and was met with blank faces. Which is so hilarious to me! She was shocked when they said no, and I said something along the lines of "Oh, F.C., I'm only famous to you. But thank you for thinking I am famous." While laughing. Heartily. That story is so funny to me, and I don't know why, other then the way it was delivered. My cousin Mary Dawn (you may know her as F.C.) is seriously a crack up. We just make each other laugh, and are anticipating the upcoming Uuuuutttttteeeee Stampede next weekend. I told her I am hoping for her to make another 911 call at the rodeo to get the smokers in front of her to stop smoking -- but that is really her story to tell. Just know that it happened. 'Cause this girl means bizness.
I have truly smashing cousins.

Last night I was thinking about self-acceptance. And I am going to force my thoughts upon you. Prepare yourself.
I have so many people that I know and love, and honestly, that I think many good things about. I just think they are marvelous, even if I know they have problems that they worry what others will think, guess what? We all have problems, so who gives a who, if you know what I mean.
My point is, as a general rule, once I like you -- I like you. It takes a whole lotta somethin' to make that opinion change, and it can't just be the word on the street. I don't care what anyone says, unless I know for myself that you are diabolical, nothing can change that opinion of your awesomeness in my eyeballs. Love = Mercy. And I honestly think that is the case for almost everyone. I think most people feel that way about others/have a similar philosophy. So by allowing ourselves to feel otherwise -- allowing ourselves to think that others don't offer us mercy, love, acceptance -- it's really just self-fulfilling prophecy. We don't allow other people to offer that to us, so they don't, because they don't have the chance. For example, when I was a teenager I thought other people thought I was weird, so I acted weird, so they couldn't say it first and it wouldn't hurt my feelings. I could write a whole book about this. A Short Book. But a book, all the same. I really think I would love it if one shocking day we all decided to be up front about the things we struggled with so that no one could be shocked by another persons whatever. I guess I just wish we could let go of the fear of what others might be thinking and realize what they probably are thinking, which is: I love that person.
I have this theory that with this acceptance and love of self, we will bring about the End of the Mohawk, which honestly, is just a fashion mistake.
And I know fashion. Believe me.
Or don't.
I blab this way just to reaffirm that it is my personal belief that when the Savior says "Love thy neighbor as thyself" He's really saying just that -- love your neighbor and love yourself. And be nice to both.
I will try to apply this to myself now.
My, how I love to kick a dead horse. Kick. Kick. Kickity-kick-kick.

See what happens when I love you and you doubt your awesomeness? You people are keeping me up at nights!

Tonight the young men and young women are in charge of the ward party. It's going to be a barbecue and water extravaganza! Wish you all could be there.
In the name of the participial phrase,


Jen said...

I am with you in your philosophy of this post. I like you, and that is not changed easily.

Also, embracing my own awesomeness was one of the best things that ever happened to me, though I still forget to sometimes.

Ducksoup said...

deep post. i had to read your awesome paragraph about self acceptance twice because i knew it was something i would learn from and wanted to be sure i understood. i just love you. seriously. if everyone in this world were like you, i wouldn't have to worry about not having nearly enough CHARITY.

i saw your brother-in-law again tonight at another dinner. i waved at him and he gave me a thumbs up. it was rad because his niceness reminds me of ben's niceness. i think all burdette's are extra super nice, cause he really was so nice. and so is your husband. and so are you.

can't wait to see you next week!


Simmons Family said...

You are awesome!! I knew the first day we met!
Also, I have an index card box I keep in the kitchen where I write down all he funny things my kids say and do so I can remember them.

Elise said...

I like the way your brain works. And thanks for the reminder to love my neighbor and myself. That's a dead horse that deserves to be kicked.

Kick on, Marie. Kick on.