Thursday, July 21, 2011

Only In China

I now present to you, K.J.'S WORLD VIEW (as explained this morning to his mother):

"Mom, Alexis said everything is made in China, but uh-uh. Things are made in other places, too. People who believe that are just living in fantasies. I mean, Cabbage Patch Kids aren't made there. How can you believe Cabbage Patch Kids are made there?"

And . . . scene.
Last night my little Musical Theater kids gave their first performance of 'Shrek the Musical Mash-up,' and I was very proud of them. They did such a good job. Talk about stage presence! I was proud, I'm not going to lie. But that always lends itself to a long afternoon/evening, and when I got home, poor sick Daddy stamped his time card and clocked out -- figuratively -- and went and laid down. I don't blame the guy! But not before he handed me the camera with proof of what happens when Katelyn just happens to "find" the Twix bar.
The joy and satisfaction on that face!
See all that you can accomplish? This should motivate and inspire all of us. All you have to do is stay in the same room that Daddy and brother are playing 'Lord of the Rings' and you can do just about anything. This girl is clever to have figured that out so early.
But honestly, it is cute, and my only request/expectation of the Double B as far as child-watching is this: "Please keep them alive."
And so far, we've had complete success. So no complaints here!
We've had a little cold around our house. Poor Double B. For him it's been a large cold, and he still has to venture off in those early mornings to support our family. What a champion. I don't want his responsibilities. I'm not joking, I really don't. I salute him, I appreciate him.
Have you noticed sickness/surgery/those sort of things always happen when your significant other is tied up elsewhere and can't carry your load for you, so you just have to be brave and miserable? I think most of us have had that happen. That's the Double B's lot this week. I've had responsibilities elsewhere the last two nights and will be gone again tonight. Poor Fellow.
I think it's because it happens so rarely. Honestly. We have our system worked out, and it is only rarely disrupted. To the satisfaction of all parties.

Speaking of satisfaction. Kate looks pretty darn satisfied there.

Yesterday in a burst of self-loathing, I determined not to put anymore crud into my mouth and eat only vegetables and fruit. With a little Carnation Instant Breakfast for good measure. I love it when I have these puritanical moments -- they entertain me in their own special way. Then I got home and saw the other half of Kate's Twix bar and said to myself "Mmm . . . Twix. No, self, no! Bad! You are a bad person, Natural Man! Marie only desire things that grow from Mother Earth!" I didn't eat the Twix Bar, you will be glad to know. That's how powerful I am. Really, I would just like to find that contentment with my physical self that we all have to renew, and that honestly, I have been able to maintain before when I was doing all I could. I think that is the problem right now -- yep, I've had three children, and that is not a pretty stretch-marked and saggy picture, but I could be most content with that if I knew I wasn't sabotaging myself all the time. The exercise thing is good. I exercise! I really do. Unfortunately, now I either have to start running or eat sensibly. Both painful, painful options. Running=Evil. I seek other options. Perpetually.

I have to laugh at myself and my genius spur-of-the-moment ideas. Only fruits and veggies? Oooookaaaaaay.

Speaking of veggies, you should see our garden, man. We're up to mass production at this point. I'll have to post some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I know how anxiously you have been following it's growth.

You are good friends. Amen.

P.S. The Target in Southern Utah is doing their toy clearance right now. So you might want to check it out for Christmas stock-up. This helpful tip brought to you by Marie, the Christmas Elf.


Ducksoup said...

yo rie--toy clearance. that's awesome. i didn't know target had such a thing. can marie, the christmas elf please let me know when fort unions target has their clearance on toys. and i would love to see your group in action. i'm sure they are amazing! and go ben go! reminds me of being sick and pregnant and having to still carry on. i'm not pregnant though. i just have some good memories from my recent past.

have a fabulous day!

Elise said...

"Puritanical moments"? Ah hahahahaha! Why are we so mean to ourselves? I have had thoughts similar to yours, recently. Like, I either need to STOP eating or kick my own butt on the treadmill. Which form of torture do YOU prefer? I like eating AND I like sitting on my couch. It's a conundrum.

Congratulations on your Shrek musical thing. Way to use your talents!

Simmons Family said...

Fruit= yummy!
Veggies= not as yummy!
Twix= super yummy!!

Ducksoup said...

i miss you. where have you been? marie, are you okay? i would love to hear from you soon. love, your FC