Thursday, August 18, 2011

In A Nutshell

It has been a mighty busy week for the Family B.
Monday - K.J. McFreddy Pants started school.
Tuesday - Olivia McFlarter Wart started school.
Wednesday - The Double B turned one year older and wiser, too. How do I like him more every year, I ask you? I think he might be putting something in my drinking water.
Thursday - Mommy starts teaching again. I really love those Musical Theater kids, they are so fun. And I'm proud of the studio where I get to play and the other teachers I work with. So that's a nice little bonus. Plus, I get an acting technique class this time, too! That's actually my favorite thing to teach. Should be fun.
Friday - K.J. starts lessons -- tap and jazz. Mommy is seriously thinking of taking the Adult Hip Hop class, because A) It would be fun, B) It would kick my squishy bum, and C) The very idea of the extremely white Marie bustin' a move in hip hop with the other people who really can dance hip hop makes me laugh. Hard. Already.
Don't you like the words of Hip Hop? Hip-hop-hippity-hop. I'm so glad someone thought to put them together that way.
That's all I've got to say about it.

K.J. has really made it clear over the last half year (and last couple of months especially) that he wants to be dancer. He "does not want to do acting. Some singing. But mostly dancing." He is most interested in ballroom, but he's also excited to try the other styles until we find a good ballroom teacher.
I have tried very hard to not push my interests on my children. Of course, they know many show tunes and K.J. used to perform soul-searing Stephen Schwartz solos under the kitchen table at about age two. It sounds funny to some of my performing friends, but I just knew that I would expose my children to the arts, but it would be up to them. In fact, I would say that in a way, I have resisted with K.J., hoping he would show some interest in sports, since I already knew he leaned towards the arts. But it's very obvious that it's time to just get out of his way. I'm hoping that it will also help him with his confidence -- he is truly the sweetest boy in the whole world, but with that comes a sensitivity to what others say and think about him and to him.
That can be hard for me, too. Yesterday he told me and the Double B that a kid had called him something mean on the playground but he didn't want to tell us, because it was bad and it would make him cry. I encouraged him to tell us, thinking maybe it would help him feel better because he knew it wouldn't be true. But he resisted, and in a truly Dad moment, the Double B said "K.J., do you know it's not true what he said?" To which K.J. nodded. Daddy continued "Okay, then you just ignore him. There are always going to be mean people, but we don't have be a part of them. So don't listen to this kid. You are a great person. He'll go away." And K.J. felt better. At which moment I was so glad to have a Daddy to my Mommy, because I was ready to get that kids name and address and go beat him up. Daddy knew to just let it slide and things will work out. There is obviously room for both of us in this parenting club.

I am glad for the Double B. He is a good friend of mine.
We had a fun day together. I just love birthdays, I really do. We spent the day together and with family, and it was very relaxing and fun. I am proud of the person he is and that I get to associate myself with him. "What? You know about how the Double B is, like, the totally most awesome person in the universe? Yes, he is. Well, did you know I'm his wife? You can't believe it, either? Cool beans, I know!" Plus, he's so darn cute. And turning into a silver fox with that dark, dark hair of his at a very rapid rate.
I like it.

The kids are loving school, of course. If you're looking for a preschool still, we love Olivia's. Her teacher is totally awesome. I try to share the love when I find it.
And finally, Katelyn is starting to stand up by herself! Big happenings around these parts. Big, big happenings.

Signing off!

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