Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Only The 11th?

We were running errands this morning -- to the store, bank, and finally the elementary school to sign away day-time ownership of my marvelous son. Everything was going blissfully. K.J. was very excited, except it was just "so weird" to be back at the school. Katelyn tried to crawl her way into a teachers meeting. The secretaries were very nice -- I think that would be a challenging job, don't you? Kaje held Liv's hand across the parking lot to protect her from cars. Cute, I tell you. Got them loaded and went around to put Katee in her seat when BOOM! Olivia fell out of the slightly open door, booster seat and all. K.J. was screaming, I was yelling the "I'm a psychotic mother trying not to yell" yell, and Liv is screaming. I threw in Katelyn at K.J. and picked Olivia up, who landed on her noggin but has a head made of steel, so was more upset at the scare then anything. She cried for awhile, but was really okay. I was very relieved and praised her, of course, for being the bravest girl in the world. I got everyone resettled and discretely looked around, and couldn't see anyone else in the parking lot. I was thankful that no one had seen my crazy lady response (or they were kind enough to hide behind their cars to save me the humiliation. I've done that before). After we started driving, K.J. goes "Phew, Olivia! If you would have got killed, I would have been really sad!"
And ... thank you, K.J. Nothing like a very dramatic understatement to start the day.
He has the most interesting things go through his head.

I really have no idea where he gets that.

Moving on.
I never wanted to be one of those mothers who throws a Bon-Voyage party when the children go back to school. Really, I was hoping to be the kind that dressed in black cloth and ashes when August rolled around. And I love having all my chickens under one roof where I can hen-peck them at will. But it's amazing to watch K.J. grow and change and realize how very much he needs school. He needs the excitement and the challenge and the structure. So this year I'm excited for him, too. I'm already passed the trauma of the fact that he has to go (which lasted for roughly two years), and am now ready to encourage and support. Go, K.J., Go! You're a Supa-star!

Last night the Double B and I were sitting next to each other on the bed watching that greatest of all shows in the Family B's house, NCIS. We're on Season 4 now, in preparation for when Season 8 comes out on DVD on the 23rd (We're sick. It's a sickness.). I had to keep pausing the show, though, to tell him the critical thoughts that just kept popping into my head. Because they were critical. Actually, I just had to share them so they didn't keep floating around my head driving me crazy. My good husband is used to this kind of behavior. He just turns away from the show he was watching just .02 seconds ago and smiles at me patiently until I'm finished, then usually nods at the end or gives me a sentence or two to appease me. We have a good system worked out. One conversation went a little like this:

Marie - I've come to a conclusion on something.

BB - Okay.

Marie - No, I mean I have really thought it out so I know now that this is my definite opinion.

BB - Uh-oh.

Marie - No, it's not like that.

BB - Let me have it.

Marie - No, you nerd! I'm just saying that I do believe the time has come for this thing to happen, although we really don't have the money for it so we've got plenty of time to think about it, but the time has come to bring it up.

BB - That makes no sense.

Marie - It does. I just mean that we should think about it and possibly plan on acting on it.

BB - Okay.

(next subject)

Marie - Now this is where the dream sequence comes in. I want to take the children to Disneyland in the spring. Then you and I can get a year pass and come back for our 10th anniversary! And then it will just be no problem at all to come again for my 30th birthday before the passes run out! That's my magical dream.

BB - Okay.

and... scene.

The Double B's birthday is next week. Of course, our car needed a major repair. Our vehicles have some kind of voo-doo sense about when one of us has a birthday coming up. Then they POUNCE! Attack! Hy-yah! Yesterday I took the children shopping for school supplies and Daddy's big day. I forget -- which is very adorable of me -- just how ambitious it is to take three children shopping to more then one store ANY time, but particularly in the summer. I am so adorable.
It was an adventure, and I think maybe we were all about to cry along with Katelyn by the end. But the kids did find a gift for their Daddy and this morning they were working on birthday cards. Only six more days to go! What would we do without the anticipation of holidays? I ask you.

Hugs Not Drugs,

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Elise said...

You're a genius. Disneyland passes?! Sheer genius.

I was actually just considering throwing some kind of party for myself once school starts. I gotta have something to look forward to now that summer's over and school is RUINING OUR LIVES. You should join me. :)