Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Steps, People!

Guess what, McFlutt.
Katee took three steps on Wednesday. Then took several steps walking between her Papas and me! It was mighty exciting. Then yesterday, she was holding on to the side of the bed and just took off, wobbling through four steps before clunking down.
Big happenings!
This is fun to watch, it's been the most gradual of my three kids. She's not quite there and ready to go, but she's getting there. She is arriving, shall we say.

I've had this really dumb flu kind of thing this week. Kind of a head-achey, upset tummy, off and on all over yuckiness thing. And I am a wimp. So you do the math.
Sadly, the rest of my family has been battling an epic battle with either allergies or a vicious cold. So it's like ... a real life party at our house.
The trickiest thing about this particular trickster is that you think you are fine, you can do it -- and then you do it -- and then you feel regret. By the end of last night, wherein I taught a particularly large and naughty group of children actors for two hours in the hottest room on the planet and then went to a long, looooong, question-riddled meeting, I could swear I had heart palpitations. I put the offspring to bed and then put myself to bed, lulled into delicious sleep by Cliff Huxtable and those adorable Cosby kids (I think Vanessa is really funny. I really do.).

Thank you for listening to me complain. You are marvelous friends.

In closing, here is some delightful news. Earlier this week, K.J. brought home his first assigned chapter book. He was very nervous, people! He didn't think he had the chops, but we assured him he was ready, and he could do this!!! And he did it! Every time he'd reach a new chapter, it was the greatest event of his year! And I was very excited, too. He is such a cool little guy. Then Tuesday he brought home two chapter books from the school library -- from the 'Magic Tree House' series -- and we've been trying to pull his head out of the book ever since! It's like a magical dream come true. I am so excited for him. He's going to his second week of tap and jazz today, too. He loved last week and has been happy to show anyone interested his new shuffle step.
Have a good weekend!


Elise said...

Big happenings at your house this week!

Have fun keeping your little walker out of your stuff. :)

Simmons Family said...

Sound like fun times at your house!! I hope everyone feels better soon!