Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strangers In The Night... Exchanging Glances... Dooby-Dooby-Doo...

Lalalalala .... happy lalala-ing here.
Lots of things have been blog worthy lately, but I just can't seem to put myself into the car to do anything about it.
Just so you know --
Life is pleasant.
My children are hilarious.
K.J.'s ambition today is to "come home from school, snuggle with you and watch the Cosby Show, and then go to my school thing tonight!"
Olivia hasn't taken off the polka-dot swimsuit her cousins gave her in two days. And I'm not going to make her. That's just the kind of person I am, I guess. Before it gets too unhygienic we will definitely do something about it, though, don't be afraid.
Katelyn is one groovy chicken, still plucking away at all her little adventures. She's a funny kid, I'm just so very interested to see what she'll be like as she gets older.
My little brother Nick and his beauteous wife Sil blessed my little angel niece Bella on Sunday! It was a great day. I don't exactly know what it is about that kid, but I just want to chew on her little chubby cheeks and then swallow her whole. Is it because I saw her entrance into this world that I find her that captivating, or is she really just that sensational? I think... both? Hm.
Katelyn just climbed into my lap and I realized as I jabbered at her that I have developed my own strange baby speech pattern for this third child. Actually, I think I sound totally demented. But she doesn't seem to mind it, so I guess I'll just keep doing it until the government tells me to stop.
The Double B has been a man among men the last few days. He's been put large and in charge with the children a lot. It's actually a good life for them when that happens. He pretty much gives them free reign and casually listens for any signs of death. And ... that just has to be okay.
There are reasons there are both Mom's and Dad's in this world. Seriously, if I was the only one in charge my kids would be MESSED. UP.
Last night the young women had a Book of Mormon Arctic Adventure -- we made it from Alma 9 to Alma 30. It was pretty rockin'. Those are some pretty sensational girls, to say the very least. We ate what I liked to refer to as Polar Bear and Moose. Bet you'd like to know what it was we referred to as reindeer droppings, wouldn't you. But I'm not going to tell.

We're in the summer to fall transition. I'll let you know when my mind comes back.

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Ducksoup said...

thank goodness you blogged. it has been way too long. you are my hero...just so you know.