Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Around The World In 80 Days

Hello, Dear Ones.

First off, all is well. We are all making good strides in our transition! Miss M (and so she is dubbed for the time being) is doing well -- I think that would be so hard to deal with such big upheavals -- but she is trying hard and fitting right in. Kaje, Liv, and Katee Jill are having a really good time and have welcomed her with open arms. In fact, when her former foster parents came to drop her off on Saturday, K.J. came running, yelling "M's Home!"
Which I thought was sweet.
Lots of changes, but it feels more natural then you would think. Sort of more like relief now that the pregnancy is over and the delivery went well, really. So she is here. And all is well.

Guess what. Thursday is the tenth anniversary of mine and Homeboy's first date! He took me to the Shakespeare Festival to see the most hilarious play called 'Around the World in 80 Days,' we ate at Appleby's and we had a most marvelous time. When he dropped me off that night I gave him a hug and knew that was the best date I'd ever been on. Such a blast. I didn't know I would marry him, in fact I thought I was his practice and would help prep him for this dumb girl (like how I threw that in there?) that he liked. (I repent: she isn't really dumb. Just kind of.) But -- he had that much fun, too, and ... hm ... three months later we had our first kiss, two weeks later we declared "I think I love you," and two weeks after that we were unofficially engaged. And eight months after October 13, 2001, we were married.
Isn't that cute? I think so.
So I'm going to surprise the Double B. Muh-ha-ha (insert Evil Laugh here)!!!!! I just bought tickets to see 'Noises Off' (thank you for your enthusiastic recommendations, Sista Richins and Kamille) for Thursday, October 13. We're even going to eat at Appleby's... perhaps we will get the two for twenty deal, but perhaps we will live even wilder and not order from that list at all! 'Noises off' is supposed to be another hilarious comedy, so I'm very excited for that. I could use a little hilarity in my life.
It will be fun. I'm excited.
And don't worry, the Double B doesn't read this blog, so he won't know. Only the rest of us. But we can keep a secret, right?

Miss M and Katelyn are developing the cutest little relationship. They just seem to think the other one is hilarious. Katelyn will do something funny, so M will laugh robustly, so Katelyn will laugh robustly, which M thinks is hilarious, which Kate thinks is hilarious, which M thinks is hysterical, which Kate thinks is hysterical, and so on. It's noisy, yet very cute.

For the Olivia record books:
The other day her little cousin Leighna dropped off a necklace that was hers. Our conversation went like this:

Mom - Say 'Thanks, Cuz!'

Liv - I don't speak Dude.

Mom - What?

Liv - I don't speak Dude.

Mom - Oh, you don't?

Liv - No.

Mom - Why not?

Liv - Because I just don't speak the language!

That kid is one of a kind. Hallelujah.


*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

You are going to LOVE "Noises Off" I think it is hilarious!

Super Cute that you have a "First Date" anniversary...

Plus-thanks for the blog comment. It made my whole afternoon!

Tamari said...

Noises Off as amazing!! Have fun! :)

Ducksoup said...

loved seeing you - - only wish i could have seen you more! you rock as a mother. hope your date was awesome.

Kamille said...

I hope you LOVE LOVE LOVEd Noises. It was hil-to-the-arious. You are just one of my favorite people. Memorable, some would say :-)