Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Letter To My Blog

Dearest Blog,
I miss you, Blog. Can I just be honest here?
I miss you.
I'm letting go of my pride and just saying that my life is not the same without you.
I miss your unconditional love and listening ear.
I miss the sanity you bring me.
And is it shallow to admit I miss your good looks, too?
You mean something to me.
This is me --
Hoping that somehow there's a future for us.
I'm just going to come out and say it ...
I love you.
I can't control what you do with that information, I can only know that I have to say it.
Also, I miss you.
I hope that doesn't sound needy.


Paulette said...

That sounds like something I wanna tell this boy I met. Can I just copy what you said and send it to him? You wouldn't mind, would you?:)

Elise said...

Dear Marie,

The blog world misses you, especially me. And we need to hang out. Come to my house and I'll make French toast. For real.

And you are TOTALLY already a character in my book. Naturally. :)

Lots of love,