Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ten Facts (In The Name Of Christmas)

In honor of the holidays, I have decided to compile ten facts to keep you "in the know" about whatever I can come up with ten facts about. It seems like the right Christmas thing to do.

1) The Double B wishes elves were real. Not Santa elves, Lord of the Rings Elves. And other mythical, beautiful, graceful, immortal creatures. But then, so do I. (Legolas, call me... but not really, I'm married.)

2) I had the weirdest dream last night. Also, I think I have just the smallest tendency to pull away from people very close to me if it seems that circumstances are changing a little, even if it's an artificial change. I think that is a lame defense mechanism, and reminds me of my teenage years. I'm throwing it out!

3) K.J. really loves Magic Tree House books. I mean, he loves them. He consumes them. And The Double B and I thank them, because they are turning our son into a voracious reader, which, in our opinion, is one of the great skills and gifts acquired in this life. Also, Amelia Bedelia is really funny.

4) Olivia created a most unusual and creative dress yesterday by layering four skirts up the length of her body. It was, actually, rather stylish. Olivia is one of those people that you just like to be around. I often find myself sighing in joy as I experience her childhood with her. Also, on Sunday Uncle Nick was getting ready to go, so she wrapped her little hand around his head to pull him close and said in her sweetest voice "Merry Christmas, I love you!" and smack! right on the lips. I think he melted.

5) Katelyn can climb on top of anything. She can also get back down. And here's the worst part -- usually, we just let her do it and let her learn cause and effect -- within measure, of course. This is possibly bad parenting, but maybe not. There is really no stopping her, anyway. She is re.lent.less. Which will be a source of great pride for us one day. This, along with her recent obsession with hair, particularly her passion for pulling mine, stretching mine, and laying it over my face, have made her a superstar of attention at our house right now.

6) Mariah is the most excited Christmas elf in the universe. She literally bounces off the walls as this day of days approaches (Does anyone else automatically think of D-Day when they hear 'Day of Days'? I know I do). Mariah is in that strangest of all limbos, between childhood and adulthood. It's a strange time in anyones life. I know it was in mine. We are working towards prepared adulthood and hoping she always keeps her child-like heart, all at the same time. She is also, finally, the proud owner of a learner's permit. So, in that oldest and most accurate of cliches, stay off the roads.

7) The line I say most often to the Double B: "Let's blow this popsicle stand and run away together. The children can take care of themselves."

8) We are under the impression that Katelyn killed our Wii. It was debated, somewhat heatedly, last night -- whether it was alive or not. I am hoping for a miraculous healing. I will not give up hoping!

9) I have to go out Christmas shopping again tonight. AGAIN!!! This time for Mariah, after 6:30 because she has her class, with all the children because the Double B will be working late making pies. This is how I know I have been conspired against. This can not be overstated: we are all waiting anxiously for that danged driver's licence.

10) As Christmas approaches, I am thankful for my family, and happy to share memories with them. I am always thankful for my family, though. This time of year just seems to hold it closer, don't you think? And we have the baby Jesus to thank for that!

This has been ten facts.
Presented to you this twenty-first day of December, two thousand and eleven.
The End.


Tink said...

Porter and Katelyn really are co-conspirators. they are two of a kind. Trouble awaits us my friend. Merry Christmas!

Ducksoup said...

love it. wow, good luck shopping with three children three days before christmas. you are what i would call, AMAZING. may the force be with you.

love yah rie! merry christmas!