Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day In The Life

This morning I was loading my dishwasher (I say this to make myself feel both industrious and homemakerish -- and all before nine in the morning!) when I heard K.J. in the next room stage whisper to Olivia "Shhhh ... Don't tell Mom!" Every Mother's favorite words. At which point Olivia came running in to stand in front of me and smile. I asked "What are you supposed to tell me?" She looked confused for a minute and then answered "Oh, uh -- nothing!"
Genius plan on both of their parts. So I put down the wash cloth to journey to my bedroom, where I found K.J. taking all of the movies off the shelf and stacking them, just to find his particular favorite. Really, all I could say at that moment is "Put them all back when you're done with the threat of death."
Or something.
Motherhood is so awesome. But sometimes so -- so -- I don't know. So something.
Katelyn and I are butting heads at the moment, which could be a great contributor to the Mommy who wants to have a short temper right now. And Marie does not LIKE Mommy who has a short temper, but sometimes those two ladies battle it out.
Katee is in transition. One that we all must take. Baby going out, toddler coming in. It seems like she has grown SO MUCH lately! With this comes deep mischief, stubborn drags, thousands and thousands of climbs up and pulls down, and banshee screaming and hitting when she just can't communicate what she wants to say. This must be frustrating for her. Because I know it is frustrating for me! I also know I'm almost to my very favorite part -- toddlerhood, blissful and beautiful toddlerhood -- but in the mean time it's high adventure.
This morning K.J. and Mariah, my morning people, were breaking the sound barrier and of course, I heard Kate crying in her crib, wanting me to come and get her way before she should legally get up to reach cheerful levels. I picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulder in that deep, heavy hug we all just dream about. So I carried her into my room and laid her on the bed with me, wrapped up in one arm and holding her little hand with the other so she would know I wasn't trying to make her go back to sleep, which would be a capital offense. She squirmed for a minute, then settled in and made little noises while playing with my fingers, stretching a little, yawning. Her little eyes would close for a while and then slowly open to watch and listen. As I was looking at her tiny face, I was struck with how very beautiful and sweet she is. It was a quiet moment, and I was so thankful for it, because it was a reminder moment.
This daughter of God already shows some delightful traits -- what the Double B and I think will be a big and hilarious sense of humor and fun, a giant sense of adventure, and curiosity and daring. All wonderful, exciting things to have in our family.
So this morning as she would want something but not be able to get it because she's not big enough, get her feelings hurt because she's not big enough, and basically be Transition Kate, I tried to take the moment to give her some sympathy and some cuddles. Because it only takes a minute and she won't be Transition Kate for long, and I might just miss her.
I don't know how babies grow up.
I know, I just don't know.
You know?

Yesterday was the Double B's day off, and in a bold and romantic move, he arranged a babysitter and shocked me with a picnic up on top of one of my favorite landmarks -- Molly's Mountain. You 4-wheel-drive up there, take a jaunt up, and get to see everything for miles and miles around, and it is so beautiful and peaceful. One of my favorite things to do on earth, actually, and it was all for him and me. So delightful. It made me feel special and loved and important. Sigh of happiness. A little plane kept buzzing around to say hello, we saw an eagle way below us soar up and over us, we found our house, we saw a boat zipping around the lake, what might just be a crop circle, and we hiked then sat and ate and enjoyed each other's company. And also, he made potato salad. Honestly, could a girl ask for more?
Not very many people get to know the Double B the way I do -- he can be sort of stoic and reserved and he has a really deep voice that I think makes him seem serious, which he certainly can be -- but for me, he's my friend. Just a big heart of pure gold.
What a guy!

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