Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Olivia's new word: Thing-a-ma-jigger. I don't know how it came into her vocabulary, but I'm certainly glad.
Try using in a sentence today.

Battle Katelyn continues, and some days I do believe she is winning. But the troops are not ready to give up. I'm glad I get to be here with her to guide her through these perilous times. It's like rehab here, people -- or at least like I imagine toddler rehab to be. She is so cute and yet so wild woman.
Dear Katelyn,
Someday you will be a grown woman, and you will read this history of our family life. Probably. Just know that I will be laughing about this at that time and love you now with all my heart, and I guarantee you that I will love you at that future date with all my heart. We third children must stick together, it is a calling few are brave enough to handle.
You really are extraordinarily wonderful. You just have more will power then I do at the moment. And that will only be an asset in your future, so really, I'm glad to know you are Iron Woman.

Yesterday Liv and Kate had their wellness checks with the doctor -- Olivia her five year check, Katelyn her 18 month check. They both had shots and took them like little champions. Olivia is so brave. She knew it was coming, she faced it head on, and not one single tear. I admire that quality in her so much! And fully expect her to go sky-diving or something with her little sister one day. They are both healthy and, this is so obvious, basically brilliant. We feel so blessed, because as we know, health is everything. Olivia had her first eye check, and being a rather shy little duckling, it was a real test of character to answer to each pointed object. In other good news, Katelyn will not be bow-legged forever, which I know everyone who has seen her walk will be glad to know. It is the cutest little cowgirl walk ever, but being part Sperry, I was a little worried this would turn into several massive surgeries in the teen years, because I'm just special like that. Her bones are straight, and when she has a little less girth, things should straighten out. I love girth.

For the record, I simply adore fat babies. They are what sunshine is to daisies, what milk is to the cocoa bean, what Ringo is to Paul, John, and George. I just want to squish them and hug them and kiss their little chubby cheeks. How convenient for me that I have one in my own house, who has to endure more then her fair share of squishes, hugs, and kisses on the cheeks.

Yesterday Kate said Mariah's name for the first time. "MY-AH!" Since the two of them are basically soul mates, you can imagine the joy of this moment. And also, the noise level. Screams of excitement. Hysterical screams of laughter. It was cute. And yet so noisy. Let us call it: cute and noisy.
Mariah is doing great. The Double B took her out driving for an hour yesterday and she is bound and determined that somehow forty hours will fly by into a licence tomorrow. Either way, it will come as soon as she has forty hours in, and we're all excited for her. We're proud of her and the person she is becoming. It's fun to see someone blossoming into the woman they will be before too much more time has passed. Challenging, but fun all the same. We're thankful to be sharing this time with her.

This sounds like a family newsletter, which I guess it is. I don't really have anything strange, either thoughts or events, to share. And that so rarely happens, let's be honest.
But either way, on this incredibly beautiful morning when I got to drive my kids to school in the most glorious, beautiful fog I've ever seen -- I just want to say hello.



Tamari said...

"what Ringo is to Paul, John, and George"...hahaha, that made me laugh. Out Loud. You are so funny! And Ivy's word is "thing-a-ma-do". Love it. Kids. Are. Awesome.

Elise said...


Wasn't that fog awesome? It reminded me of Anaheim. Anaheim reminds me of Disneyland. I think of churros and mint juleps when I think of Disneyland. So...the fog made me really happy. Thanks for reminding me of this morning's fog.

Tina Williams said...

Thanks again for the update. You truly delight my day. Please pat yourself on the back and tell yourself thank you on my behalf.