Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Her Highness Turns 5

Today Olivia turns five years old. In fact, exactly five years ago at this moment things were going quickly and she she was almost here -- roughly 29 minutes to go. What a great day in my life. One of the happiest moments ever.
Olivia loves to tell me the story of when she was born. That I looked deeply into her eyes, and she looked deeply into mine, and we loved each other. And that I couldn't sleep all that night, I just held her in my arms and I looked deeply into her eyes and she looked deeply into mine, like we knew each other.
And that is right. Apparently I always tell it to her the same way, because that is the way it was.

Five things about Miss Olivia McBee:

1) Olivia is the most exciting person in our household. She is so creative, she can create fun. Every person in our house loves to be around her. She is someone that carries a whole lot of light and loves to share it.

2) Olivia is very dramatic, and feels things on a very romantic level. If she cries, it is pitious weeping or convulsive sobbing. If she laughs, it is a girly giggle or a HAHAHA. If she is playing pretend, it's almost real. I have seen her dance all over this house with her future Prince Charming. I have also seen her kiss the wall.

3) Olivia is shy. Which simply mystifies me, but I try to be supportive.

4) Olivia is my buddy. We spend each day together, and it is a pleasant, easy companionship. We know each other well and like each other a lot. She even has me down to the point that if she thinks something is going to make me well up she turns to me and says "Mom, are you going to start fussin'?" She says the most hilarious things, every day.

5) Olivia is patient and kind. She is loving towards her little sister and puts up with a lot of provoking, adores and hero-worships her big brother, admires and relishes in her big sister, is her Daddy's right-hand girl and enjoys having him wrapped around her little finger, and holds a magical charm over her Mother. It's a good life for this little girl, let's be honest.

We love her. So. Much.
Thanks for being born, Olivia. Thanks for coming to our house. Thanks for letting me be your Mom and letting your Dad be your Dad. You are kind of the very best! Happy, happy day!

"I'm fiiiiiiiive years old!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!" - Madame Olivia


Tamari said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Olivia! :)

Ducksoup said...

cannot believe you have a five year old. i have been baffled by this fact all day. it finally occurred to me i almost have a five year old. what the heck? i am in shock already.

loved reading about olivia. she is darling. love yah rie! hope you had a fabulous day celebrating.

p.s. i love you having a computer at your fingertips.