Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not The Only Reason I'm Glad Not To Be A Teenager Anymore

It's January.
When I was a teenager, I HATED New Years, mostly because I had to go out with my friends who were not nearly as much fun as my family, and usually that involved that most hated of all afflictions, a stake dance. The Horror. Actually, I tended to feel a little afraid, because obviously the world was going to end ANY SECOND, and I just had no way of knowing what the new year would bring.
Most thankfully, as an adult, New Years has become a wonderful celebration of all the blessings we've been given through the year and a fun time to be together and think about hopes and dreams. I've also learned to be a little more realistic with myself in the resolution area, so I just want to start out each day trying to be better then I was the day before. Well, I guess I do have one concrete resolution -- I want to gain a testimony of visiting teaching and go every month. Because let's face it: I am the world's worst visiting teacher. And that can change, man.

Biggest blessing from 2011: my family. That we were blessed with health and strength, to be together, to grow in size and strength, and to love each other more all the time.

Something I'm proud of: Team Three. The young women read the triple combination together this year -- it was an awesome experience. I love my girls and feel so blessed to work alongside them. Maybe they might wonder that they are sometimes asked to go above and beyond, but it is because of my own passion for the scriptures and my certain knowledge that if they can just grasp a testimony and a determination to drink from living waters that they will not fall away.
I want so much to be an old granny sitting in my rocking chair knowing that I did right by my girls. And I finally know what direction to take for the new year -- hooray!

Best book of the year for Marie: 'Unbroken,' by Laura Hillenbrand. Not to be missed! Possibly the most incredible story I've heard yet. And you do feel like you are hearing it or watching it! Incredibly told. Read it. Read it. Read it. And be thankful!

Did I tell you Liv lost a tooth? She did! Biting an apple. Youngest lost tooth in family B history. She is excessively proud.
K.J.'s baptism was certainly a highlight of my life.
We got a newborn 17 year old, so that's pretty big.
And not only does Kate give a high-five, she gives knuckles as well. What does this tell us? She's obviously a genius.

A good year.
And a good year to come.
So win-win!


Elise said...

Unbroken, huh? I shall track it down at Barnes & Noble, for I have a giftcard to use up.

Happy new year, internet friend Marie. Here's to an awesome 2012. :)

Dan,Lisa,Zeak,Jake,Kaci said...

lol I loved your post about the Stake Dance oh how that brings back memories. Here is to no more Stake Dances as a teenager and a wondreful 2012