Monday, January 9, 2012


It's like my blog and I are dating once more. The Double B, being very liberal in these types of things, is supportive of our relationship and not jealous at all.
Actually, last night we watched a piece of this interview with Steven Tyler and his wife and it was so -- weird. Completely and utterly fascinating to me, because I just find people so VERY interesting, but also -- kinda creepy. All I could say afterwards to my honey (just trying to fit in with the crowd, you know) was "Hey, buddy. If you say 'hi' to a girl, I'm gonna say 'hi' to a boy. So TAKE THAT!!!"
The Double B said "Okay." With a smile, of course, because he is used to me and the sideways way I sometimes think. But honestly, I really am glad to be inside my own head with my own set of whatever's. I think I'm quirky, and that's simply not a bad thing. I like to be comfortable with myself and seek that balance between being the best I can be and not being a hater when I fail gloriously. Thankfully, my Double B is comfortable with the way I am, too. That's fabulous. On the way home last night we mused on what we both find interesting -- pretty much exactly what the other finds wretchedly boring -- and that it works for us. He's learned to appreciate a good play, I've learned the rules of basketball. All good things.
Here's a romantic and tragic story:
When we were newlyweds we bought a washing machine from the parents of the Double B's best friend for $25 that they'd bought from a laundromat. It has been washing faithfully for us for almost ten years after washing faithfully for who knows how long at the laundromat. We loved our weirdo machine that had some serious individualistic streaks but still did it's best. And dangit, that was good enough.
Tragically, Bertha (as she was called) has gone the way of all the earth. Dust she was, and dust she shall become ... well, anyway.
We had to buy a new washing machine. It hurt. Ouch. But she runs like a magical dream! I have decided to call her Bessie, in honor of her size and beauty. Lucky for me, I now have a couch piled high with laundry just waiting patiently to be folded. I know myself, so it's better to fold all at once while watching the Biggest Loser VHS recording from last week.
I am happy to have Bessie in our home and thanks to her, clean clothes to wear. But I'll always look back at Bertha with fondness.
In closing, I would just like to say that though the Sabbath day is totally the favorite day of my week, I would like to know what kind of natural disaster crushes through my house on that day. It makes Monday morning clean up a real life monster to conquer (think David and Goliath here, folks). What is this force, and how do I stop it?
Olivia, my own imagination princess and favorite friend to spend the day with, is turning five on Wednesday! FIVE!!! How wonderful. How exciting. How sentimental. I often have moments where in my mind's eye I can see Olivia as a grown woman, and I know I will be so proud of her. But hers is a truly magical childhood, one I feel so blessed to be a part of. It is an honor to know her as a child. I know I will treasure this time with her all of my life.

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Elise said...

You bought a washing machine from Ben's parents......who's this "Ben" person? ;)

Yeah, what is it about Monday clean up? It is, in a word, nightmarish. It's like my family is normal all week and then Sunday--BOOM--we're hoarders/frat boys/Homer Simpson. Gross. Mondays...phooey.