Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tea Parties And Notes

Olivia is throwing a tea party for her and some of her dolls. They are all sitting up at the kitchen table with washcloths on their laps and pots and pans spread before them.
I swear, this little girl is a dream.
Katelyn is taking an early nap, because she was having nuclear meltdown. Therefore; I put her in her bed lest I cook her and eat her for lunch, and she is happily snoozing away as we speak. Hopefully the bear will go back into hibernation when she wakes up.
Olivia update: she has been rubbing her eyes, because she's a little weepy -- she misses Daddy. But after letting me wear her invisible hat and deciding to make a Daddy a paper heart, she is feeling ready to rally.
This morning while being a good girl and straightening up I found a note in K.J.'s scout book written to his best cousin Addie. It says:

dear Addie
Thanks for helping me with all my problums

I thought that was quirky and adorable, but here is what I want to know:
What exactly are K.J.'s 'problums' ...
Either way, I'm sure glad Addie is helping him with them!

Being a kid is so stinking cool.

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Ducksoup said...

i want to be you when i grow up...or maybe one of your kids. let me know, either way should do me fine.