Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mercy Is A Girl!

This morning I was struck by a verse in the book of Alma wherein Justice is called "him" and Mercy is called "her." The concepts of Justice and Mercy have been a great source of contemplation for me for years. A favorite dwelling spot, if you will. And then, there you have it -- him and her. And I thought... "hmm."
In my house, as a general rule, this would fit. Daddy is Justice. Mommy is Mercy. You need both, certainly. Dad is the letter of the law, Mom is the spirit of the law. The Double B tends to lean towards how we do something, I tend to lean towards why we do something.
I got up to vacuum with food for thought. And it was good food for thought. Because when I finished, I found Katelyn in the bathroom, her little finger reached clear to the bottom of my new tube of lipstick. She dug it out. And, really, I think she ate it, because there it was on her fingers and face, but where was the bulk of it? I think it's in her tummy.
Dear Avon,
Your lipstick's not toxic, right?
I had to sigh. Then I threw the tube away and cleaned her up. And she is a lucky girl that Mercy was called "her" today and Mommy had been thinking while vacuuming of the power of being a Nurturer. Today Mercy was Katelyn's saving grace.
Dear Alma,
I consider you my dear friend. You help me all the time. You are certainly the voice that speaks from the dust for me. I just hear you, buddy. I love you. And today, you helped Kate. It was her first experience with you, really, even though she doesn't know it yet. If she did, I think she would thank you. So -- kudos from both of us.
Your #1 fan,
Does anyone care as much as I do that Elizabeth Smart got married? The Double B doesn't. He doesn't emotionally attach to these things, but I am just pleased as punch for Elizabeth. I am so happy she is happy and found someone to share her life with. I love success stories! I love the power of the Atonement. Go, Elizabeth, Go!
Yesterday was such a "random" day, as Mariah said. It was. K.J. had his post-appendix check up, and everything looks good! The doctor said his appendix was very gangrened, and he was amazed it hadn't burst. He said we were very lucky -- it could have burst at any minute. I told him we felt so thankful. He said "You should." And then we thanked him for being there at the right time. Much appreciated.
Then Mariah and I took the kids to Taco Time before she had an appointment. It wasn't the biggest hit, but I shouldn't be surprised, Olivia is Miss Picky Eater, 2010, 2011, and 2012. And to think that it's an honor just to be nominated. I am sad that my deep love of the soft taco has not passed on to the next generation.
The Double B came and picked  up the kids, and then took them to a buffet! K.J. called it "Double Lunch." It was the most exciting thing to happen to them yet. I give the Double B a big fat thumbs up for daring to take a baby and two small children to a buffet by himself. He is courage itself.  Mariah and I spent the next two hours disagreeing. It was marvelous. Then we had a team meeting. Mariah has so many people that love and care for her, it is awesome. They are all proud of her, and so are we. She was funny, though. She was being silly, and once as a joke, I said something like "Don't worry, she's just tired." To which she replied, in my favorite moment of the day, "I'm not tired, I'm just on one!"
I chuckled.
Being the parent to a teenager is most adventurous.
Dear Mariah,
Remember you are in charge of your life. You can make it great.
I love you,
Finally, after everyone was home and enjoying a corn dog, Costco style, I headed off to Relief Society, where I got to hold the cutest baby in three states for an hour. What a happy ending to a very interesting day.
Don't you love my travelogues?
You. Are. Welcome.
Today I fully intend to do not much at all until my classes tonight. And it will be very delightful.
In the name of Mom's everywhere,


THE HILLS said...

thanks again!

Mariah Jenny said...

I love randomness! dont you?
I think yesterday was a good random disagreeing day lol :) I think therapist J started it. told you it was a bad idea to play that game... he ha he ha :p
Thanks for being my mom, Marie. I am blessed in my life to have you, your Birdys and all the funny people in that team meeting and more.
any who, you are all crazy to love me by the way! SO HA!
I chucked very much too:)
love you more
mariah jenny <3

Elise said...

What an interesting observation about mercy and justice. I've never noticed that before. I think I'm the justice in our house, which is unfortunate. Mercy seems like you'd get more love. :)

" think it's an honor just to be nominated." Best Marie line ever. Thanks for the hearty laugh at your Olivia's expense.

You're awesome, efriend. And I'm glad your son's appendix didn't burst. :)

Ducksoup said...

oh i loved this marie post. if only i could be apart of your travelogue. you are so funny.

i am coming to st george like the 3-10 week in march (not sure exactly when and not sure how long we are staying). just thought you should know.

well rie you inspire me in more ways than you will ever know. you are amazing!