Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces

K.J. went to an airshow with Grandpa. After a beautiful week of sunny skies and no wind, this day was blustery and gray. So what did this mean to K.J.?

"They'll probably get so high their engines will turn into ice and then they'll crash and die."

Grandma and Grandpa quickly assured him this would not happen while the other kids looked at him like a little bit of a weirdo. What can I say? He's my son. He is his Mother's child. And the kid can't help it -- it is totally biological, and I'm sure I have cousins out there willing to testify in our behalf. I did not teach my child this weird and often uncomfortable pattern of thinking. My 23 chromosomes gave it to him. We can't change it. We just learn how to deal.
And he'll be fine.
But it did cause me throw my hands up and chuckle a little bit.

Yesterday afternoon Daddy took a nap. In the meantime, Livi put a baby orange and a pear on a small plate and poured him a little glass of milk and went and put them on the nightstand. She dictated this note for him:

This milk and pineapple and orange are for you.
Over on Mommy's nightstand.
For you, Daddy.
Olivia. (with a heart after her name)

I think this is charming.
She was so excited for him to get up. When he finally did he looked at it for awhile and was like "Oh, wow. Thanks." That was all she needed. She pranced back out of the room. Then he looked at me and asked "Why did she do that?" Like it just didn't make sense. It just comes down to one word, buddy: L.O.V.E.

I've found some interesting things in the mid-recesses of the night. For instance:

"The world's greatest champion of woman and womanhood is Jesus the Christ."

James E. Talmage said that, and I think he qualifies as a pretty good authority.


"In an age when women were generally expected to give temporal service, the Savior taught Martha and Mary that women could also participate spiritually in His work. He invited them to become His disciples and partake of salvation, "that good part" that would never be taken from them."

I love Mary and Martha, Martha and Mary. They are my home girls. We have become friends lately.
Women. We are good.

Here's a little somethin' somethin' from Spencer W. Kimball:

"The cultivation of Christlike qualities is a demanding and relentless task -- it is not for the seasonal worker or for those who will not stretch themselves, again and again."

I don't want to be just a seasonal worker. You know?


"When the prophet Joseph Smith turned the key for the emancipation of womankind, it was turned for all the world."

I appreciate that.

In the name of houses that need to be cleaned everywhere,

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