Friday, March 9, 2012


Today Miss Olivia has a fever.

I was wondering as we snuggled close for family prayer last night if sickness was on it's way. She felt warm to me -- you understand what I am saying here -- too warm, but not yet feverish. She was also very unhappy about a sore throat, which should have let me know right there. Livi just doesn't get down about too many things. Even today, after the two of us spent a tossing and turning and burning night together, she's feeling not unhappy even as she feels very sick and even had to take Tylenol (which she hates. Badly.). She's just waiting out the yucky, propped up on pillows on Mommy's side of the bed drinking milk and eating saltines provided by her very kind brother. K.J. was distraught to hear she wasn't feeling well -- "Oh, no! I don't want my best sister to be sick!"
Which is... you know... nice, as far as big brothers are concerned.
Katelyn just wondered back there to get some crackers from her sister, and I got to hear Liv say "Paulie want a cracker?" from down the hallway.
Being a Mom is so cool.
So. Anyhow, now you know that Olivia is sick, and yet able to maintain her dignity.
I appreciate that in a person.
I was thinking as I was driving K.J. and his BFF Kaylie to school this morning that I really have not documented our journey with Mariah as well as I should. This had also occurred to me yesterday as I flipped through my personal journal to find something and thought -- "well." There's a big fat chunk missing there. My Mom told me in the beginning I should carefully document things in my journal, and I knew she was right, but at the time it was too hard to talk about much less write down. But now I should go back. We are in the downward slope of our journey with this foster daughter of ours, preparing her to move out on her own and for us to take a supporting role in her life. She's doing a great job. Yesterday she had to face some things that were scary to her, and she did it. The Double B and I were there to help and support her, but she's the one that did it. She handled herself very well. We were happy for her.
Just a few more months and she'll be out there spreading her wings. We've been doing our darndest to help her get ready and really understand there are so many things to look forward to. And slowly but surely, we're all getting there.
Next week is spring break! I am very excited, and only a little apprehensive. I love having all my chickens in my nest. At the same time, it is a little tricky to keep all those chickens entertained... I am hoping for glorious spring-like weather so we can sit out all day and vegetate. If not, McDonald's had better be prepared to sell us a lot of ice cream cones so we can occupy the play-place legally.
Have a happy weekend, dear friends and family.
I love you. I really do.

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Ducksoup said...

you are so awesome rie head. too bad olivia got sick. glad it wasn't from maci. i missed seeing you in the big st. geezy. not sure if i should quit coming there so maci can be healthy and strong or just what.

awesome pic by k.j. by the way. quite the artist. and olivia asking her sister about the cracker is really funny.

love you FC