Friday, March 16, 2012

If In Doubt, Be Grateful.

It was one of those nights. Do you ever have them? And now it's morning, earlier then I usually see, since I have yet to master that whole part of the Word of Wisdom about sleep. But that's A-OK. There is time yet for mastering.

I want to say something:
I am so grateful.
I have a heart that is full for many blessings.
I desire and seek after an attitude of gratitude.
Sometimes maybe it's hard to see the forest for the trees, but this morning, I'm going to enjoy looking at the whole forest.

Here's a few things I am so grateful for:

I know that I am a Daughter of God.
I know He loves me. I know I am important to Him. I know He has carefully and generously and so mercifully given me opportunities to grow and discover that for myself.
I know I matter to Him and He is happy when I am happy because I see just a little bit of all He has done for me. Which is everything.
I know I have a Savior who is is my Big Brother and my Friend. I am full of gratitude for his loving kindness and the many times He has reached out for me. He has helped me find myself in those moments I have actually been able to lose myself trying to serve Him. What a wonderful gift to give me. I love Him. I am so grateful for Him. I have felt of His great Mercy for me. I am so grateful to have His friendship.
I am grateful to have learned to recognize the Holy Ghost. He has been so patient with me. He has helped me learn what it feels like and sounds like when He speaks to me. He is my dear and kind friend.

I am so full of gratitude to be one of the annoying people who lives the cliche and is actually married to my best friend. As we grow up more and more, his heart gets more and more compassionate and able to stand up and be there as my truest friend when I need him or when I need a laugh. He is such a good person! I take such great joy in his goodness. I am so thankful for the love he so freely gives me. We are growing up together and growing better and better together. What a gift!
My heart just bursts with love and joy because of my children. They are the #1 reason I laugh and find purpose and happiness! They are funny people, and really, they hold my whole heart. I am so proud of the marvelous people they are becoming. I love them so much. I am so thankful Heavenly Father has sent them to me. I could never thank Him enough for the gift of being their Mother.

I am grateful for health and strength, for the opportunity to look beyond myself, for parents who care so much, for brothers who are such good ding-dongs to have around, for growth and change, for things that stay the same, for the ability to breath in and out, for such wonderful friends, for cadbury mini-eggs, for blogs, for sunny days and springtime, for joy and happiness, for jet airplanes because they're so darn entertaining to watch, for The Book of Mormon -- and maybe especially for Alma and Amulek, for the new trail we found yesterday that was really fun to walk down, that I've never been bitten by a monkey because it looks like that would really hurt, for modern medicine (even though doctors are a little creepy), for blond hair to remember that good ol' Danish heritage, for such a wonderful strong legacy, for my Granny-friend, for a good solid last name to replace my other good solid last name, for hot water heaters and shampoo and conditioner, for porches, for chinese food and the McDonald's play place, for cousins and aunts and uncles, for a ward family, for lemons, for funny things, for happy things, for my testimony, for love.
And the list goes on.

It's a good day. 

Need A Hug?

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Ducksoup said...

loved this post rie - - beautiful. glad you are still thankful for lemons, so reminds me of the good old days. and i loved the need a hug video. awesome.