Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marie's Thought Pattern.

This is my 503rd post. Weird. That means for almost three and a half years now I have been giving you some useful and pertinent information, but more then that, I have been giving you bizarre trivia, completely unprovoked.
I love blogging. I really do.

Today is the Double B's day off, but not really, because he still had to go in to work for a four hour meeting. So it's his not-really-but-kinda day off. They should call it a short day like they used to do in school, not a day off. That's really sorta a lie. And sorta a lie is actually all of a lie, because as my Mother spent many hours teaching me, you just can't stretch the truth and have it still be the truth.
My Mom is smart that way.

Do any of you remember a YW song book from the 90's where they had a song for each value, and the integrity song was slow and very excessively flowery and sang "Inteeeeeeeggggrityyyyyyyyy..... a word so seldom understood.... integggggggggggrrrrittttyyyyyyy...... it comes from doing what is good."? Anyone? Anyone? I remember it. Yes I do. And often times, when people talk about integrity, or someone that has integrity, I like to just go ahead and sing that song. And every single time I get the look. The look that says "Well, I'm standing here with Marie and she's bursting out into song again. I will wait until she's done. I don't know this one, otherwise I'd sing along."
Does anyone else ever get that look?
I like people with integrity. I like to be by them, sort of sit in their presence. Every once in awhile you come across someone who sort of exudes it, and you have to say to yourself "Self, that person has integrity. In fact, they are integrity." I like those people. I really do. That's one of my old lady goals. Basically, I want to become an old lady like Marjory Pay Hinckley. I've been working on that goal for... I don't know... fourteen years now. Sometimes I think I'm failing miserably. But sometimes I think I'm coming right along.
I love you, Sister Hinckley. I miss you. But not so very much, because I still read that book about you all the time. So we're still tight. You didn't know. But maybe now you do. Who can say. Maybe my Grandma has bumped into you and said "Look, my granddaughter really likes you. So, like, good job." But maybe not. Who can say.
Not me.

But I still like to say it sometimes.

Personally, I have never called my Mother "Mother." Not since I was a teenager and maybe threw it out all snotty-like a few times. I should have been whipped. But my parents forbore. They are very forbearing people. I just call her "Mom." Or a variation on that theme. Sometimes I've had to call her "Sister A" to get her attention, but as for me and myself I call her "Mom." So when I hear people say things like, "And you should say, 'Mother, I appreciate all you have done.'," or something like that, it just takes me right out of the moment. I am not of that generation, although my Grandma was, and my two oldest aunts sometimes refer to my special Granny-friend that way. That's a mixed bag. But I might try it, just to give my Mom a little variety in her life. I'll say, "Mother, I appreciate all you have done." Maybe we should all start calling our Mom's 'Mother,' just to start a not-very-useful revolution. You have to say it really lovingly, though. It's all in the tone. Try using it in a sentence today!
Sometimes K.J. calls me "Mother." But he is very unique.
When he does that, I call him "Son," since it seems appropriate.

K.J. - Hey, Mother?

Mother - Yes, Son?

And... scene.

I am surprised at how this post is turning out. Basically, I am letting you follow my thought pattern, for better or for worse. As Mariah says when she asks what I am thinking, "You have very interesting thoughts."
You're welcome.

On Saturday and Sunday, our Young Women got to go up to the Young Women Broadcast, and it was so amazing and wonderful and fun. The meeting was awesome, the company was spectacular, and after attending Music and The Spoken Word Sunday morning, we even got to meet Sister Dalton, the Young Women General President. It was amazing. Talk about the Light of Christ shining out of someones eyes. I cry talking about it, because it was such a wonderful, kind experience for the Lord to let that happen for us.
You might want to ask, "Marie, did you cry, like, a lot?"
And I would say, "Why yes, yes I did."
So now you ask, "Excessively? Like, hold yourself together lest you fall into a million pieces type of cry?"
And I'll go, "Yeppers."
To summarize: I had a lot of emotion.
What a great experience in my life, and I can confidently say, in the lives of my girls. I'm thankful for it.
And besides the wonderful spiritual experience, we just had a lot of fun together, which we always do.
We stay up late, and then the young women leaders always stay up later whispering and giggling, so two days later, I am still tired.
But I loved it.
In every way.
I love my girls.

Well, Katelyn is down for an earlier nap, since she's a little "special" this morning, Liv is at preschool, Mariah and Kaje are at school, the Double B is at his lie of a day off, the kitchen is half clean until I find the moral fiber to clean it, all my other chores are done, it's a beautiful day and I'd like to walk five miles if I can find the moral fiber to do it, and other things.
But the next thirty-five minutes are mine alone.
Will I read?
Will I sit?
Will I solve the national deficit?
Who can say.
Either way, these minutes are mine and I am taking them.
Good day.
I said good day!

The End.


Mariah Jenny said...

"Mother,I appreciate all you have done."
Your daughter Mariah Jenny
I love you Marie so much you don't even know.
p.s. I really liked your blog (Marie's Thought Pattern) I really enjoyed it a ton Mother lol :)

Ducksoup said...

that is cool you met sister dalton. awesomeness! love yah rie. it was fun to see you and talk to you for the few seconds i got to :). hope you get your energy back soon.

Tara said...

A couple of years ago when I was in YW's The YW's presidency came to our stake for some conference or something. Then they came to our ward and taught the yw lesson. It was pretty neat.