Monday, March 19, 2012

Royal Reform

Liv was helping me make brownies. We had the following conversation as I put the eggs back in the refrigerator:

Liv - Mom, I'm not going to call you the Queen of Evil anymore.

Mom - You're not? Thank you!

Liv - (holding her arms out wide) Do you forgive me?

Mom - (hugging) Of course I do! I knew you didn't mean it.

Liv - Yeah. Now I think I'm going to call you the Queen of Good.

Mom - You are?

Liv - Yeah!

Mom - Well, thank you!

Liv - You're welcome. (Announcing in her best announcer voice:) MOMMY, QUEEN OF GOOD!!!

Take that, Satan.

While putting the brownies in the oven to bake, I heard my benevolent royal announcer and her big brother discussing the mechanics of prayer. I don't know how these things come up, but they were going over a few things. Liv took a practice run. The highlights went something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for our many blessings... please help us share with our cousins...
In the name of Jesus Christ,
I Agree.

I guess we won't be hearing her "what does Amen mean" question anymore.
Looks like she's got that one down pat.

I know your day is better now.
You're welcome,
Her Majesty the Queen of Evil Good.


Elise said...

Her Royal Highness the Queen of Good, huh? That's quite the title. Do we have to bow now? ;) I bet you're the only queen in the history of the world who launders her subject's unmentionables and bakes brownies for them. You ARE the Queen of Good. There definitely needs to be more bowing amongst the subjects.

Also, I'm craving brownies now, so thanks for that. :)

Ducksoup said...

rieser so funny. livi needs to have her own tv show.

excited to see you this weekend. just wondering what the plans are? love yah girl!