Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Wasn't I Named Spring?

This morning I asked K.J. and Olivia to go talk to Katelyn while I finished wiping off a counter, as she was ready to get up and get ready for the day. Their conversation went like this:

K.J. - You go do it.

Liv - No! You go do it!

K.J. - But you're so good with babies...

Liv - No, I'm not! They always scream in my ears!

K.J. won the battle. When I went to go relieve Liv of her duties a minute later, she slumped against the bed with her head down in exhaustion.

Mom - Thanks, Liv! You're a big help.

Liv - That was SO HARD.

So that was us this morning.
However, now Liv is wiping parts of the kitchen floor with a wash rag to "mop for ya." She is the sweetest girl. Especially when Brother isn't around to make her feel bossed.

Tomorrow I am the Birthday Girl.
I will reach 29 years of age, which yesterday sounded kinda freaky but today sounds okay.
I've learned so much in this decade. Holy Cow. There's really no other way to say it. Divine Bovine!
And a whole, whole lot in the last year.
Life is good, and I am grateful.

Yesterday Mariah planned a surprise birthday party for me... she was so sweet. She gave me a "make-over," curled my hair, handed me some awesome sunglasses and away we went for an adventure in the nearby metropolis so I could get some awesome shoes to match my F.C.'s awesome shoes (I've always desired to be shoe twins, secretly. Hopefully you have, too, Mary Dawn). When we got back, both Moms, a few friends, even Sherine(!), and children were waiting for me with the awesomest (not a real word) staggered rendition of "surprise!" I've ever heard. It made me feel loved. They'd even been waiting a whole hour for us -- we were late -- we're classy that way. Mariah also had the world's biggest bouquet of balloons waiting -- sort of like every balloon I've ever had in my life combined -- and beautiful flowers. Trina had made a cake for me with a big star on it and I had a star balloon ... Mariah was thinking of the stars on the walk of fame in Hollywood. I don't need a real one, I've been given my honorary ones. I really felt blessed and loved and touched that she would go to so much effort for me. She is a wonderful girl. Addie even had a birthday "cha-cha-cha" dance for me, which she has agreed to perform for me every day this week. It was a great experience.

Birthdays are good. Every time I get a new year I remember how very blessed I am to have had that year that I received through no merit of my own, and am reminded of the beauty that is in this life. I'm glad for them. I do really just love birthdays, though, let us be honest. I love mine, but I think I love other peoples even more.

This birthday is interesting to me -- it is certainly a period of change in my life. I am trying to adjust my thoughts so that I can embrace the changes and not be afraid of them. What does this say about me? That I definitely need to add more spice to my life, because I am a Big Change Sissy (The BCS, if you will). I keep thinking of this wonderful talk I've heard from a 'Time Out For Women' DVD, where the speaker talks about how change is really a good thing and something we can learn to love. About an experience in her life when she'd been dreading a change but when it came she realized that the change was not the worst thing -- that the change she thought she was afraid of was actually the biggest blessing in her life. I think that might actually be the case for me. That the changes could/will lead to happiness and direction, too. And a lot of that is purely up to me.
I think I'm going to watch that talk again. Just for good measure. You know.

Happy Birthday to me, my little brother's dog Lady (R.I.P., Lady), and to wax philosophical, all other March Babies here on the Blue Planet.

In the name of Posterior Babies Everywhere (sorry about that, Mom),


TeamDall said...

Happy Early Birthday! 29 was one of my favorite ages. 30 was better though:)

Deepfryer said...

yeah rie, happy b-day. tried calling you but you are off partying somewhere i guess. good for you! awesome you got a surprise party. cute mariah! did you find the shoes. if not, maybe you can just steal mine. i am ready to abandon shoes and wear flip flops for a really long time. i want to listen to that talk. so i get to see you tomorrow, right? can't wait. what's your eta?

love yah! FC

Tamari said...

Happy Birthday, Marie! It sounds like you are being spoiled and loved. Just as it should be. I send my love and admiration, I hope it is the best year yet!!

Elise said...

Since I couldn't be there...


Did I surprise you?

Happy birthday! It just gets better and better, doesn't it? I hope your year 29 is as awesome as mine was...a hundred years ago. At least that's how it feels. 29 was a great year. I hope yours is, too. Let's be internet friends for a long time. :)