Wednesday, April 25, 2012

* Bullet Points

* Today my husband woke right up and got to work cleaning the family vehicles, as it is his day off and he is blessed/cursed with an inability to sleep in. I think sometimes he must want to go ballistic at just how dirty and cluttered those cars get... no matter how many times he goes after them.
* I'm glad that he has self-assigned himself the car cleaner. I don't want that job.
* I have no problem sleeping in.
* I got a phone call at 7 in the morning. That means it woke me up. SEVEN. I have some family members known to call as early as 6:30, but I think that's probably a sickness. I now know someone else who calls others before it is polite. Seriously? Let's all wait until 9, shall we?
* Sorry if you're an early caller. But not really. I'm concerned you are ill.
* The Jazz are going to the play-offs. It was a satisfied feeling in our house last night.
* Once my dear buddy Double B took me to a Jazz game for my birthday. I accidentally put my hair in someones beer.
* I felt bad about that. How gross for them.
* They still drank it.
* The offspring went to their 6-month dental check-up yesterday. And for the second time in a row, NO CAVITIES!!! Is that a heavenly choir? I believe it is.
* K.J. outsmarted me and made a deal the day before that they could pick out a real toy if they had no cavities. They got a toy. $23 vs. $1500. Win-Win.
* This is a most interesting time in my life. Seriously. Interesting. I think I must be growing, or something.
* Let's keep some perspective here.
* I love cloudy days. Delicious.
* My parents have The Food Network, and I just want to punch the "Deliciouso" lady in the face. I'm not even sorry about it. Someone needs to kick her off her rameumptom.
* Someone needs to kick me off my rameumptom.
* I love that word.
* Guess what. I got set apart Sunday as the primary chorister in my ward. Rock. It. I'm pretty sure there is now going to be tap dancing in primary. Either way, I feel better now that I have a place again. And a fun place, so happy day.
* Everybody needs to be needed. This is scientific.
* My husband really likes nature shows. I watch them all freaked out. My kids like them, too. They are amateur scientists.
* Here is a quote:
"A real friend will stand between their friend and a horrible choice and at least say something -- your friend may say 'forget you,' but at least they'll know you said something. Sometimes in order to save the friend you have to ruin the friendship." -- Hank Smith.
* Yep.
* I believe in friendship. Casual friendship is good. It incites acts of kindness. Real friendship is something you decide if you are willing to give.
* Katelyn has learned the word "No." Not my favorite word. Unfortunately, she believes it means both "yes," and "no," and "how are you doing today?"
* I will say, she can say it with a lot of spice.
* Katelyn also knows how to shake her booty. I don't know how. But it is hilarious. If you tell her "Shake your booty," she'll shake it. Her grandparents discovered this.
* Yep.
* I now get to go meet and learn how to be a primary chorister! Oh happy day! I hope it's cloudy where you are.
* Clouds are cool.
* Good day, darlings.

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Tara said...

I am with you 100% on the 9am and I would like to add 9 pm. We have people call really late at our house and 90% of the time I'm still awake but it often wakes up the baby and that is frustrating. Nice bullet points!