Friday, May 25, 2012

Commencement, Cubed.

This morning Olivia was sharing in the nicest way with her nearly two-year-old, fit-throwing sister. Olivia would talk calmly and reasonably as she would dish up a spoonful for herself and then for her sister as Kate tried as hard as she could not to flip out while waiting for the next bite.
I said "Olivia, you are the sweetest girl." Because she just is, folks.
She gave me a dazzling smile and said, "I was born to be that way!!!"
My heart was touched.
A) Because that was a very tender and kind thing to say.
B) Because that was a very wise thing for her to say, and a very true thing for her to say. For me personally, it had special spiritual significance for my little five-year-old daughter to say those words.

Being a Mom is cool.

It's been a busy week as far as graduations go.
Mariah's went well -- she had a great day. On the way home she thanked us, because she never really thought she would graduate from high school, and yet here she was -- she did it. We accepted her thanks, because it was sort of like pulling teeth to get her to this moment. Painful. Bloody. The Double B told her to call her former foster family (good friends of ours) and tell them thank you, because they had a big part to play in getting her here, too. I hope she does. Either way, thanks, friends. You are most excellent people. Pat on the back. The root canal is over.

K.J. was feeling a little left out as far as the graduation train is concerned. Liv graduated last week, Mariah this week. So on the last day of school, he planned a graduation for himself. (It was very tender when he got home that day -- I flung the door open for a big dramatic hug of congratulations and he just started crying big fat elephant tears. He has a tender heart.) He gave me specific instructions -- I needed to make a diploma and the whole family needed to be there. So, that night, that is just what we did. He marched down the hallway as we all hummed 'Pomp and Circumstance' and took his place sitting on the tv stand. I gave a few words of wisdom "Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered together today...", everyone applauded, and he was awarded his diploma. Then, in celebration, he got to go out just him and Daddy for some ice cream.

Naturally, last night Olivia felt she deserved her own graduation... this would be her second. Her plans also included a ceremony, a diploma (we just re-presented her preschool diploma -- no originals necessary this time), everyone's undivided attention, and a trip to Dairy Queen just her and Daddy.
Her wish came true.

Now, unless Katelyn miraculously starts saying more then roughly twenty five words and begins forming those words into sentences to express her wish to have her own graduation, I think we should be commencement free for at least another year.
Here's hoping.

Tragically, I have discovered 'Lost' on Netflix. I tend to get sucked into these things...
Also traumatic, I have to speak in church on Sunday. I tend to feel iffy about those circumstances...

Everyone: Have a good weekend. It's summer. Yippie-yi-o-ky-ay.

Over and out.

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THE HILLS said...

Paul will be joining you at the pulpit on Sunday. .. I love that you threw KJ a graduation. That's what families are for :)