Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dance, History, and the Kindness Temperature

K.J. and Olivia are performing in their dance recital this weekend. They each take ballet and tap -- and love it -- and the theme of their recital is "circus." The last two days we've driven into the local metropolis so they could rehearse. Dress rehearsal is today and then the performances are on Friday and Saturday. That's a long week.
Last night I got there a little early to pick them up, and Olivia thought we were leaving when Maria, the studio head and my boss of awesomeness, called everyone together to run act II again. I thought Olivia was going to give up the ghost. She actually froze at the door and was practically hyperventilating. "I can't do it again! I can't do it again!" She was actually moaning. I tried to encourage her "I know, this is the hard part! But you can do it just one more time, I promise!"
Apparently she couldn't.
Maria saw her paralyzed in the doorway and started to laugh. She very graciously excused us, since K.J. and Olivia had done "so well today!"
That's a lot of grace, I tell ya.
Olivia regained her ability to move and quickly made a break for the car.
She then promptly fell asleep for the half hour drive home.
It was both cute and pathetic -- she was a tired little midget. That's a lot of hard work when you're five! That final week of rehearsal for any production is evil, though. I have had one or two moments of paralysis in my past, as well.

I love that my kids are loving to dance so much. It is giving K.J. the confidence and coordination he needs. It is giving Olivia a way to express herself and develop a natural talent.
Dancing was my first great passion and I'm so happy to share that with my kids. As long as they want it, I am happy to provide them the opportunity, just like my parents did for me.
And if the fact that Katelyn runs out into the middle of the dancers every chance she gets is any indication, she might want that opportunity, too.

You might not know this about me: I simply adore history. About half of my books are histories and biographies and they have been loved passionately. And I think it's time for that collection to grow -- I was looking at books yesterday and the only ones I really wanted to buy (besides Magic Tree House, Judy Moody, and Fancy Nancy, of course) were about people -- especially the new autobiography written by Colin Powell. Basically, if you write an autobiography, I am going to want to read it. So all of you should get going. I will buy your book.

In closing, just a little encouragement for us all to be kind. If we all speak kindly about one another's strengths, weaknesses, ideals, religion, and plans, we should each be well on our way to a great weekend. Just a friendly belief that no one's values should be squashed or degraded in our desire to express ourselves.  

Happy Thursday, friends. You are important.

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Tara said...

the story of my life is on my blog. that's as good as it's going to get and it's free so lucky you!! I hope the recital went well. I'm sure you will report back soon. ;)