Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day

Battle Katelyn rages.

This child... this child. She is so marvelous. And one of a kind. And definitely a third child, because she is very able to make herself known (we bond this way). And very female, because she is an emotional wreck (we bond this way, too?). Either way, we love her like mad and she cracks us up, but it is Battle Katelyn, and there is no other way to describe it.

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.
I woke up when my body wanted to and not when anyone else wanted me to (that is the first time in roughly fifty years), which felt delightful. Olivia came in and I picked her up and gave her a great big squeeze and told her "thank you for letting me be your Mom, Olivia." To which she smiled her 'tender' smile, gave me a great big squeeze and a suction-cup kiss on the cheek and said "Thanks for letting US be your... KIDS, Mom!"
K.J. and Liv made me beautiful pictures and the Double B shocked me with the thing I love MOST in the world, a love letter. I am a words-of-affirmation type of girl, I need them and crave them and this was the best one EVER. Yay for the Double B. Double B Hoorah!
I had a delicious breakfast and a great day at church. The primary and I are learning about each other and I think we're going to get along juuuuuuuuust fine.
Then I got to spend the afternoon between our two Mom's and enjoy their company and conversation and love.
We got home and K.J. just didn't want to go to bed because he LOVES Mother's Day and never wanted it to end.
He is a sweet little guy.
Katelyn's Mother's Day gift for me was going to nursery FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW. Woot! Woot!

To end my report, K.J.'s primary card made me feel so good. He wrote "I'm so happy you're my Mom." And I know he means it, too. So that is a very happy feeling.
At school he made me a book of all his 2nd grade writing that started out with a paper about his Mom.
It  says:

My Mom
Mom always says I love you.
Mom would tell you I'm special.
Mom helps me with reading.
Mom and I like to go on walks.
Mom can't stand when I cry.
Mom loves it when I hug her.
And that Mother's Day is here.
Mom deserves a great big cheer.

Being a Mom is cool.
The End.

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