Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Mother's Day:

I like Mother's Day.
I don't feel guilty on Mother's Day. No way, Jose!
I don't make expectations for Mother's Day... I just don't want to cook or clean. That's it.
I am happy to tell our Mother's that I love them and I appreciate them on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day is good.

I am blessed.
I get to be a Mom.
I have a wonderful Mom.
My husband has a wonderful Mom.
Our Grandma's were all wonderful Granny's.
Score and score.

What a good day.

I call it Mother's Day for the masses.
Just a good day, for one, for all.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
Thanks for being mine!

1 comment:

Elise said...

Happy Mother's Day, Marie! I hope all of your not cooking and not cleaning dreams came true. :)