Friday, May 18, 2012

Pre-School Graduation, And Other News

Yesterday Olivia became a Pre-School Graduate for the second time. But this time, the woman is ready to take on that Kindy-garten beast! She knows her letters, upper and lower case... she knows her colors, shapes, numbers, and... can even recognize about five sight words.

What can I say.

She's a genius, and I made her.

She was so cute. So happy! So we celebrated and had a good time together yesterday.
Olivia's teacher, Ms. Shawna, is amazing with those kids. They adore her and have so many adventures together. We love her and appreciate her, because let's face it -- the credit for all those fetes really belongs to her. (I mean, lower case. LOWER CASE. Holla!)

I love to say "holla." I makes me feel like I possess a smudgeon of soul inside this 5'9" white blond self.

Yesterday I was cleaning Olivia's hair while she took a shower. The water was a little too warm when I sprayed her back with the little appendage and she jumped forward and squealed "That water is so stinkin' hot! It's like roastin' peanuts!!!"

Who says that, I ask you.
Olivia. That's who.

Battle Katelyn rages. We think she is getting her two-year molars. That, or she has plans to just get rid of us for good. What's sort of interesting about the nearly-two stage (and has been for the older two, too) is how incredibly sweet and adorable she can be in between bats of irrationability. My Way or the Highway-ness. I have found the "terrible two's" usually last from about 1 and a half to 2 and a half, though, so we're like... not even half way there.
How cheerful.
We shall call them the terrible and terrific two's.
Dear Katelyn,
One day I will laugh at you when you tell me about how your own almost-two-year-old is probably going to become a bungee-jumper.
Your #1 fan.

K.J. is so excited for school to be over. Today is "quiet as a mouse day," wherein the second graders have to be completely silent ALL DAY to earn a prize. They wear a little cheese necklace around their necks in case they accidentally peep, they give up a cheese but aren't necessarily out of the game. Interestingly enough, it's supposed to be super fun and he's been SO excited for today! He's gotten back all of his end of the year testing and has scored very well -- right on grade level. We're really proud of K.J. and his efforts, because he's just such a great guy.

Mariah checked out of school yesterday! She is done with her high school career. That's awesome. She has been anxiously awaiting this milestone, let me assure you. I give the Double B and I props, and her last foster family props, because we deserve it. Is someone going to give us a "Congratulations! You Got Her To Graduate!" medal? Because they should. Mariah gets a cap and gown and diploma. We get a psychological pat on the back.
Dear Derek and Melissa,
Well done.
Here's your medal.
The Medal Givers

For your Double B update, he has had a weirdo work schedule this week and is actually sitting on the couch about two feet away from me right now. Anything you'd like to say, Double B?
"Hi everyone."
And... scene.
The Double B and I are leaving on our 10th anniversary honeymoon trip in exactly one month and two days.
Currently living and breathing for that moment.
I tell him all the time "Let's just blow this popsicle stand and leave right now! The children can take care of themselves!"
But I married this man in part because of his responsibility. It's very attractive. So the popsicle stand has not been blown.
Last week the Double B sat down and actually read parts of my blog for like... an hour. It is the first time in more then three years he's really sat down to read it. And it made me feel really good, because he liked it.
See? Romance. It's not dead.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Summer is almost here!

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Elise said...

Summer is here at the Haynes house, my friend. I have already given up on housework and responsibility and knowing what day it is, just like last summer. You should join me. :)

Two graduates in your household?! I hope you are celebrating. And by celebrating I mean eating ice cream sundaes and laughing haughtily like I imagine people on yachts do. Well done, Marie.

Hi back, Double B. Your wife is one of my favorite imaginary people. You're lucky to have her. You should rub her shoulders while singing Garth Brooks songs to her. Like "Shameless." Just a suggestion.