Monday, June 11, 2012


The household is buckling down for Girls Camp, 2012.

I sat on the couch this morning, finally able to put together some thoughts for what I will speak on Friday night. I woke up and had some answers. That is a relief, to finally know which way to go... I always seem to have to let things cook for a long time before they finally take any shape. But they are taking shape. I think.

Now it is ready, set, go... on to the last detail meeting in half an hour, and I think I'll be off and running until late Saturday afternoon, at which point I will crash and burn. I don't feel too guilty for sitting here for just a minute beforehand. Just breathing. Just breathing.

The Double B is excited to have a week off of work. One friend was so amazed he was willing to watch his own children for a week, but... he is sort of their father and all. And as this is his fourth year, he's not even nervous. He's just excited not to go to work. Wrangling the children is nothin'! He is also planning to help Katelyn experience Mommy Detox. Her Mommy-itis seems to just get more intense, and he is bound and determined to cure her. He is just the man for the job, too.
I am thankful he is willing to let me go off and do my best, and willing to hold down the home fort in the meantime. That man is worth his salt.

The children are excited, because Daddy is taking them down to the river and they get to have a hot dog roast with their cousins. So see? Good fun for one and all.

I'm excited.
See you next week.

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Ducksoup said...

wow rie...i have to say i am amazed the double b is holding down the fort for that long. go double b go - - amazing! and i wish i could be there for your talk. i know it will be awesome. so glad to know you are gone, so i don't have to hope for a post all week.