Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In English

Big news from the girl who says lots of names, grunts and jabbers, points and throws cups at you when she wants a drink, has mastered "Dubba-dubba-dubba" on repeat, has long (very long) conversations in gibberish but otherwise doesn't say a whole lot of actual WORDS:

Today she was walking faster then her big brother and sister into Costco (they are notorious slow-pokes). She stopped, turned around, gestured them forward then encouraged and yelled clear as day "Come on!" Mommy immediately got on that band wagon of awesomeness, so it was repeated in a bossy fashion again. So awesome.

Tonight she was playing up, down, and around me while I made medals for the Primary Music Olympics this Sunday on my bed and watched 'Lost' -- seriously, such a problem, but I'm at the end of season five and it is just better then ever! (She rationalizes.) I told Kate it was time for us to go tell brother and sister it was time to come in. Well! She bolted off that bed and fast as lightning was waiting for me at the front door. We walked outside and our neighbors dogs barked behind their fence. She stopped, pointed, and yelled "dog!" I was super excited, and again, got right on that bandwagon. So she headed in the direction of Aunt Trina and Uncle Jonnie's yelling "Dog! Dog! Dog!" and marching forward with confidence.

I was a proud Mom. It's crazy to watch this person turning into a little girl right before my very eyes. I don't know how it happened, but the baby is gone.
Yesterday the Double B called to me from the other room where she was playing with him "Does she ever stop, or is she going like crazy all day?"
The answer:
She's going like crazy. And yelling. 'Cause yelling is fun.
Wouldn't trade this unique individual for anything in the world.
Love  you, Kate the Great.

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Elise said...

Primary Music Olympics? Genius! Heads up, I will most likely steal that idea from you when I return to Utah and my primary music leader duties. What exactly does it entail? Will I need to construct a three-tiered awards platform?

Do you ever check your blog comments and go, "UGH! Elise AGAIN!" I hope not, but wouldn't blame you.