Monday, July 16, 2012

Katelyn Turns Two! And Other Facts

Happy Birthday, Kate!
Yesterday Kate the Great turned two years old.
Simply amazing.
Not amazing because I am under the delusion that she is a baby anymore -- she makes sure EVERY DAY that I am not allowed to live under that belief -- but just because two is really the official marker that she is starting another time in her life. Toddler Kate is officially here.
We love Katelyn. In fact, she is adored. She is wild. She is fun-loving and trouble-creating. She lets us know she is here. She is, in fact, a third-child cliche. We are so glad she is here and a part of our family. So thanks, Katee Jill McFreddy Pants, for being born.
We had a quiet day. We came home Saturday night from the UUUUUtttteeeee Stammmmpede so that she could have a stress-free day. She slept through an hour and a half of nursery, which was sort of her birthday present to herself, I think, since nursery has never been her zen place. She loved her presents and happily carried them around for the rest of the evening. She saw her grandparents, which she loves to do. And she simply adored being sung to, being called "Birthday Girl," and wished a happy birthday all day. She had absolutely no idea what we were meaning by all that, but it sounded fun.
We will be having a cousin party tonight to celebrate with cupcakes. There will even be party frosting with the delicious little dots in it.
How do they make those dots so delightful, and why do we all love them so much? Ah. The mysteries.

Read about Katelyn's arrival here.

In other news, it was the Ute Stampede, ya'all. It was fun. It rained THE WHOLE TIME. Most of the time poured, actually. We even got rained out of the Mammoth parade! That is the first time in memory. And we had some pretty old people there to confirm that fact that it was a first ever shut-out. I felt bad for all the princesses and all the folks who made the beautiful floats. Katelyn got to sit out of the rain snuggling with my Aunt Pat in her car until Daddy arrived. I thought poor Olivia would be okay with me under a tree, but she wasn't, and finally started weeping pathetically until she, too, was saved by Aunt Pat. Daddy braved the down pour to run up several blocks and get the car. I love Daddy. He is a hero.
It was fun. Due to the weather, we didn't get to visit as much as usual, so that was a bum. But there is always next year! We did eat at Reed's. And it was, once again, life changing.

For last years annual Ute Stampede report, go here.

I have learned something very important, and that is to not go to sleep after consuming large amounts of 'Lost.' Your dreams will be demented. I am nearing the end of the third season, and all of the sudden the Double B will come and sit down for awhile. I tell him he's cheating himself and it can't make sense, but he is reckless that way. The trouble is, he just can't understand when I say "Well, his Dad stole his kidney, that's what started the whole thing." Or, "Really, he is a cheat and a horrible person. But he's sort of lovable, too." Or, "Yes, she's a criminal. But you wouldn't understand." After every episode I am forced to sigh and say "I just love this demented show." Last night the husband was like "Yeah, it is demented."
He's so cute.
But really. Don't go right to sleep after three nights of already unfortunate dreams. Must. Give. 'Lost.' A. Break.
But seriously. I'm also telling you right now you need to watch 'Lost.' I have been utterly entertained over the course of a couple of months, watching in spurts until I'm 'Lost'-ed out for awhile again. I just can't wait to see the end. But then it will be over. So. You know. Catch 22.

I love to use the phrase "Catch 22." I am just so happy when there's a situation where it applies. I can thank my 10th grade English teacher for reading us a part of the book and making us critically think about the idea of being caught between a rock and a hard place. Thank you, Mr. Hill, for teaching me many important parts of English grammar and also introducing me to 'Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner'. Teachers are good. Not always. But in many ways.

Finally, now that I have covered the spectrum of thoughts in my head presently, I will let you go back to your regularly scheduled programming. The house needs to be cleaned. The store needs to be visited. And other every day occurrences.

Good night. And good luck.

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Elise said...


I had THE CRAZIEST dreams when my husband and I watched every season of Lost in one month (December 2011? You just Lost one month of your life, Elise. Merry Christmas.)

You say you are in the third season, my friend? I will not ruin it for you...

...even though it may kill me not to.

And happy birthday, Katie Jill McFreddypants. :)